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Hello World

The newest addition to our small family was born five days ago. She weighed in at 3.810kgs and 56cm long (though I think the midwife was not very accurate in her measuring).

She is GORGEOUS. Smells deliciously of baby, has the roundest cheeks and me thinks I have seen a dimple wink at me now and then. She is named after my mother.

Her blog name is KK  and she is saying

Hello world!

The big difference this time round is knowledge of what to expect. I am more relaxed and prepared. My milk just started flowing yesterday so some of the anxiety I had been feeling has abated.

 The birthing process this time was without injury (thank you Yesu). Last time was a nightmare.  It included trips back to the doctor for restitching (let your imagination run wild).

 Lord knows this time it was PAINFUL. First time I had an epidural. The midwife insisted. I had been in labour like forever and she was like. … “you need the epidural cause when time comes you will too tired to push”. I had put her off a number of times but later agreed cause I was tired. This time round there was no epidural. In the midst of pushing I growled at the midwife “give me the epidural” and she is like “it is too late and it won’t help now”. I was a ninja. My husband has been in awe of me… he was like “you are tough” and I am like “damn right I am”. My friend N tells me that in England one gets offered “air and gas” to inhale and one is high like a kite when giving birth :-). Nothing like that here. You get a warm bottle, hot bath, some kind of accupuncture with water under the skin which is painful but apprently because it offsets the production of endorphins it lessens the pain of labour, I was not sold on the idea. I was in pain enough.  Epidural is like the last option offered and that has to be done before the real pushing begins.

When all is said and done we are both doing well. She loves to sleep. Big Al and I had joked a lot about it saying that we would probably get a baby who sleeps a lot and we would be worrying if she is ok because with Nikh I never got to sleep. But right now it’s too early to tell. Time will tell. I will say though that I am better rested than I had expected. Big Al is currently on his 2 week maternity leave. Once he returns to work, then my life begins for real. Right now I am like a queen and he my personal slave. I am loving it lol!

Blurry lines

My thoughts today:

Is there such thing as an ABSOLUTE in life?

Is there a clear line between right and wrong in all things or is it a matter of righter or wronger?

There is a part of me that is really mad, crazy, wild and evil and sometimes I enjoy embracing her.  She scares my husband and it scares me that it scares him because  its like he thinks I have no control over her. And maybe I don’t. Think Beyonce and Sasha Fierce

The idea of breaking all the rules periodically  appeals to me. Think robbing a bank or admiring the work of bank robbers

A long time ago I wanted to be an elite soldier, trained killer or assasin. The thought still appeals. Think combat training holidays provided by Black Water – ever had of them?

I want to learn to shoot a gun as well as automatics. Missed my opportunity after form 6. Could have gone to Kyankwanzi equivalent of national youth service but was too scared and Dad said absolutely no. Same way he said no to me joining the army after I had job hunted for like 4 months to no avail after uni. Mum was like.. okish (we have family members in the army and navy so the thought was not so frightening and alien I guess)

That said why is being an assasin, mercenary soldier, hooker, drug dealer so abominable in the eyes of society. There is no such thing as utopia and there never has been nor will there ever be.  There are situations that demand for the services of assasins and mecernary soldiers in order to maintain the well being of society at large, therefore the need for the assasin. So then how can an assasin be condemed to an after life of damnation if his services be required. Just like Judas, for the story of Jesus to be what it is Judas was required, so how can he be wrong for being Judas when his role was essential.

The same with hookers. Why do we turn up our noses at hookers when they provide a service evidently required by a vast majority of society. (lets for a moment put aside all the stories of coercion, victimisation and desparation. Think uni girls and sugar daddies)

Those lines aren’t so clear now are they.

Think about it

I’m just saying 🙂

Woi woiiii!

This had me shaking my head. What do you do as a parent and is there a boundary that when crossed allows parents to withdraw thier love?

The fact that he is a public persona makes it worse but then no worse than if it was Mary Joe’s mother/father living in anonymous town but then again it is worse cause when you are Mr Anonymous and your child does this, the whole world is not witness .

Me, I don’t know what I would do.

I feel for her folks and the folks of all those whose kids willingingly, with eyes wide open walk into this industry.


She inspires me kabisa, fashionwise that is.. (how she speaks is another story all together). I don’t always like what she has on but 90% of the time I am like “hot damn, I wanna get me one of those”..so one day.. I did hehehe.. here she is.The black and white outfit is from this year while she is in Spain on holiday and the shorts picture is from last year. Those shorts stirred up such a debat I was like “whaaat, if I had thighs that firm and cellulite free at 43 I would have shorts on 24hrs first lady or not.. wacheni upuzi!!

And below is me.  For the past 4 weeks I have been feeling ugly and fat. See I am not one of those women who glows or is radiant when I am pregnant. Instead I am fat, acne ridden and tired. I have been looking at pics of myself reminding myself that I am hot.

Me: Dec 2009 a few days before I found out I was pregnant with baby no. 2. Weight 76-78kgs


Me: March 2010 about 4.5 months pregnant. Weight: 80something Kgs


Me: August 2010 9 months pregnant. weighing a whooping 95kgs!

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to having my baby. Infact everytime I feel a twitch or something unusual I am like 😀 finally! I cannot wait to get my body back and I am praying, praying that it behaves like last time. After my first born was born, I lost all the weight in a month. I have been told by the doctor and one of my aunts that it was from breastfeeding. My son was on breast milk and water only for the first5/6 months of his life before I introduced solids. He refused to drink any other milk until I stopped breastfeeding at 16months. Yes, that is how long I breastfed. When I stopped, it took him about a month before he tried cow’s milk or any other milk.

I intend to breastfeed for as long with this one, even when I return to work.
So now you know what I look like :-D. Enjoy for this is the second and last time lol!
(pssst… I am working on learning my way around youtube and editing videos.. when I get the hang of it, and start being more natural on camera as well as get rid of that ka-voice in my head that says “u too ugly to be on youtube” I will holla)
Gotta go clean up.. baba baby came home early and was a bit taken aback at the state of the house. What did I say “serves you right for coming home early” 🙂  Him and little boy are out grocery shopping. Laters  





Wordy words

Before you look them up, see if you know what they mean, then construct a sentence.

  • Libertarianism
  • Captialism
  • Socialism
  • Fascism
  • Communism
  • dystopian
  • cognitive dissonance
  • vesting
  • arbitrary

Those are all the words I bumped into last night while reading viewer reviews of the film “Repo Men” that I had just watched. Words like that do not flow out of my mouth or hands on a day to day basis. It was interesting to read and find myself saying “what is he saying”.

Have a cognitive harmonious day 🙂