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Woi woiiii!

This had me shaking my head. What do you do as a parent and is there a boundary that when crossed allows parents to withdraw thier love?

The fact that he is a public persona makes it worse but then no worse than if it was Mary Joe’s mother/father living in anonymous town but then again it is worse cause when you are Mr Anonymous and your child does this, the whole world is not witness .

Me, I don’t know what I would do.

I feel for her folks and the folks of all those whose kids willingingly, with eyes wide open walk into this industry.


Comments on: "Woi woiiii!" (2)

  1. I saw this the story and although I am as liberal as the next African guy( not saying much), I would spank the black off her and then lock her in my basement.

    Seriously though, She is 18 after all and free to decide her own destiny. Cant wait to see the video though..for different reasons

  2. @ Gay Narobi Man: true she is 18 and all that.. but.. woi!

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