A few things about me

Blurry lines

My thoughts today:

Is there such thing as an ABSOLUTE in life?

Is there a clear line between right and wrong in all things or is it a matter of righter or wronger?

There is a part of me that is really mad, crazy, wild and evil and sometimes I enjoy embracing her.  She scares my husband and it scares me that it scares him because  its like he thinks I have no control over her. And maybe I don’t. Think Beyonce and Sasha Fierce

The idea of breaking all the rules periodically  appeals to me. Think robbing a bank or admiring the work of bank robbers

A long time ago I wanted to be an elite soldier, trained killer or assasin. The thought still appeals. Think combat training holidays provided by Black Water – ever had of them?

I want to learn to shoot a gun as well as automatics. Missed my opportunity after form 6. Could have gone to Kyankwanzi equivalent of national youth service but was too scared and Dad said absolutely no. Same way he said no to me joining the army after I had job hunted for like 4 months to no avail after uni. Mum was like.. okish (we have family members in the army and navy so the thought was not so frightening and alien I guess)

That said why is being an assasin, mercenary soldier, hooker, drug dealer so abominable in the eyes of society. There is no such thing as utopia and there never has been nor will there ever be.  There are situations that demand for the services of assasins and mecernary soldiers in order to maintain the well being of society at large, therefore the need for the assasin. So then how can an assasin be condemed to an after life of damnation if his services be required. Just like Judas, for the story of Jesus to be what it is Judas was required, so how can he be wrong for being Judas when his role was essential.

The same with hookers. Why do we turn up our noses at hookers when they provide a service evidently required by a vast majority of society. (lets for a moment put aside all the stories of coercion, victimisation and desparation. Think uni girls and sugar daddies)

Those lines aren’t so clear now are they.

Think about it

I’m just saying 🙂


Comments on: "Blurry lines" (4)

  1. mrembo, aren’t you supposed to somewhere else, eeh, labouring?
    All the best!

  2. Makes a lot of sense to me,because i wouldnt want to imagine livin in a perfect world! its the wierdos n so called misguided beings that spice the world.,me likey! 😉

  3. @Mwari- lol! even me I thought so.. but this one has decided s/he is still loving in it where he is.. so I am still waiting. Didn’t sleep at all last night in anticipation of something happening. Nikh was punctual. The date predicated was the date he arrived into this world. Anyway, I have been given 14 days from yesterday. If nothing by day 13 labour will be induced.
    The wait continues.

    @ Elaine.. good to know we are out there! 🙂

  4. hmmm…i like to think of meself as a whitelighter 🙂 complete with a halo on head….hehe..but some dude i jua the other day said in favor of hoochie mamas, they should be reverred for preventing crime by reducing sexual tension ie.preventing potential rapes, paedophile cases, giving skills to the clueless, putting happy endorphins in pissed off/bored/busted hubbies hence saving marriages etc etc,…and i was left like hmmm. *puts back halo on head…i still would’nt put up a sign or anything.lol

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