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Mishmash and Update

Update first: remember my allergic reaction. Happens when I took KK for her 5 week checkup at the doctor’s I mentioned my allergic reaction. Doc took a blood sample and a week later I got the results. I tested negative for any allergies. She went into a long explanation about how they check the blood for pollen allergy and if present that signals the possibility of allergies which would result in further, individualised tests. Since I tested negative means I am not allergic to anything.

She went on to say that no one can be allergic to alcohol so it has to do something with the other ingredients in the drinks.  The only common thing btw red, white wine and apple cider is the alcohol and the grapes for the wines.. so I am still drawing a blank and keeping away from it. I did sip at apple cider 2 days ago and boom.. throat started doing it’s thing.. so.. whatever. I was warned to keep some antihestimines on hand and keep note of  I have consumed every time I get the reaction.

Moving on….

Watched “Predetor” yesterday and the day before. (see as a mom to two kids under4, there is no way I have 2 full hours to myself.. so it took me 2 days to finish watching it) Loved loved it. Just my kind of movie.

Today I started “The Expendables”. There was a nice moment  when Rambo, Shwazeneggar (sp) and Bruce were together in one shot.. brings back memories. I was IN LOVE with Bruce Willis back  the day and it all started with “Moonlighting”.It used to come on at 9.00pm on Thursdays… eh you see I remember. I loved that man.. still do. Still watch everything he does even the boring stuff. Young true love dies hard.. . Still puts a smile on my face… Bruce does!


The hardest part about mommyhood is the sleepless nights. I keep reminding myself that sleep deprivation is actually used as a form of torture so I should just chill out. That said.. lack of sleep totally sucks.


today I have done nothing but actively rested. Did a 45min long walk with KK and took the bus back home. Feeling good cause I have cleared some of the little admin things I had outstanding. Cooked minced meat to go with pasta, carrots and broccoli. Got to keep the family healthy.

and that is all from Mremboville.

be blessed.

Feeling Sexy baby!

I was at Nappturality.com reading a thread that asked, ” what does sexy mean to you” and  ” what would you ladies/guys describe as looking/feeling sexy”

That got me thinking. The first word that came to mind when defining sexy ala Mrembo was CONFIDENCE and a certain comfort/ease with one’s body. .

As for the description of looking/feeling sexy: I feel sexy when I am feeling “here I am world see me roar” When I feel like I fit my body and my body is cooperating with me.  (that does not make sense does it). I feel sexy when I am bathed, oiled, feeling comfortable in my clothes and my tummy is tight. Tight tummy brings my sexy out with a quickness. I could be wearing hubby’s sweat pants and a huge jumper and still feel sexy.

Sexy underwear under buggy clothes ALWAYS makes me feel sexy. The idea that under all the grubbyness is some divinity just brings my sexy out with a bang!

Looking sexy to me is all about swagger and very little to do with clothes. (as you can see once again.. clothes don’t mean that much to me) but then again the right fit in clothes is important and cleanliness.

So to sum it up. Sexy is confidence, clean, swagger and underwear lol

Have a sexy day!

Me and my babies

KK seems is of the conviction and belief that the only place to sleep is on mummy. The only place to chill is on mummy. The only person who can comfort and love her is mummy and that is all good until we acknowledge that mummy is ahuman being who needs a break once in a while.

Unlike when her brother was 4 weeks old, KK loves the car and her pram. Put her in eithr of them and get moving, she will sleep all way. For that I am grateful.

Today I was in DIRE need of a break  from my normal house routine with the car at my disposal, KK got packet into her car seat and we went window shopping at City Vest. (by the way, I promised myself that I will not be buying any new clothes till next summer. This is because when I finally finished unpacking all the boxes from our move last year …yeah took me that long to unpack.. I realised I had lots of clothes and good ones at that.. so until I use them, no more new clothes for me. See that’s not a hard thing for me cause I have never been a clothes horse. The only thing I want is a new pair of boots and a pair of closed, cute, comfy shoes which I can just slip into as in no laces no buckles. Oh and two sweaters. The current ones I have been wearing are like 4 years old and I wear them a lot…. I digress)

While at the mall I bumped into L and her kids.  What rubbish small talk we made. Her promising to call and me nodding saying yeah while I know that she will not call and has no intention of maintaining contact. This is how it is with L. I met her about 2 years ago, visited her twice, invited her numerously to my digs, she never showed. Called her twice , the third time was at the prompting of her hubby cause she was going through some thangs. All the time she was full of hot air about keeping in touch. Now I just play along. “yeah, see you soon and keep in touch.. mmh.. good call me when you can”. I’m ok with it cause I have figured her out.. which is basically.. “I am not interested in pursuing this further.. but will be polite” Something I have learned about people is to accept them where they are at and not to say stuff I do not mean.

Back to the mall: There were the cutest baby winter outfits and boys jackets…. I had to restrain myself. KK definietly needs those onsies winter overalls and Nikh needs a second winter flight suit. I need to check and see if his jackets from January  2010  still fit.

That was the mall. KK slept the whole time. In that way she is lovely.  Manga-manga-ring with her is a possibility. I bought a pair of work-out shorts cause you know I am going to start working out.  Then I stopped by the only shop which has jeans that fit my thighs and was disgusted at how jiggly my thighs are. That mirror in that changing room scared me. It was after that that I swung by the sports shop to get the workout shorts.. weeeh.. jiggly is not acceptable.  Oh then I saw my tummy. In that mirror at that shop. Mpaka I am wondering about my mirror at home which is not showing me all these things that I saw today.

I have stretch marks from carrying KK. I never got them with Nikh. They are not many nor unsightly. Infact they don’t really bother me that much. I wear them as a badge of honour.. bwana, I have carried 2 children, wonderful, beautiful children. My body has not let me down during the process. I am a fertile specimen.. that is what my stretchmarks symoblise to me… it was just a shock to see them in that lighting that’s all 🙂 and my tummy.. lets just say that mirror in that shop.. wacha tu. Tomorrow I have to carry out a cricital assesment of my body using my mirror under good lighting conditions. I have been planning on having nude professional photos of myself done.

Now pick up your jaw from the floor. Don’t go nuts thinking porno or anything like that… just tasteful nudes. Have one every year to document my changing aging body. Hubby thinks I am NUTS to even consider it. Me I think it is a good idea. There is nothing like a nude photo to show you exactly how you look. I do not recommend it for people in denial about thier bodies.. 🙂 I know the shop where I will have it done, I just have not plucked enough courage to go in and ask. I wanted to do pregnancy shots but again.. my courage failed me.

So that is me and us.

have a smashing weekend.

Hope and Gratitude

Today I am happy. Very happy, grateful and believing in hope.

My family has been going through some really tough stuff and through it all my mother, my personal hero has inspired me with her strength and grace in dealing with this issue. The breakthrough has been long awaited. The problem is not solved but on it’s way to being solved and for that I am truly truly grateful and glad.

That said, I had to ask mum where she gets her strength to go on. I was crying on the phone as she spoke. Feeling stupid for crying, apologising for it.. but needing to because that is how it was. Her answer was God and her faith in God. 

My faith is there but complicated. Not so straight forward anymore but ever present. I pray, I believe….. just not in organised chrisitianity. Nonetheless I count myself a believer and I am bringing up my son believing in the christian God. Ironic. I know.. but my point is that I want him to grow up having faith in God.. whom I believe in.. and later on can define his faith for himself.

But in God, the supernatural power, creator of all things, Him I believe in.. the rest… well… eh…

This post is about gratitude and hope. I am thankful. I remain hopeful.. (though hope and I have been down an interesting path, from beliving hope is hopeless.. to seeing it fulfilled…hope.. a strange human feeling)

Be encouraged if things are going thick. There is hope and be grateful for the now you in are in for the blessing you have now and keep on keeping on.


PS: KK is developing habits like her big brother.. this business of the only place to fall asleep in on mummy or next to mummy anything else is upuzi. I am not liking this.

About the Alias. When I first joined facebook I joined under an alias because I did not know what it was and I could not pre-view  without joining.. so Missy Elliot was born. I stayed with the fake name and was glad to keep it.

After KK was born we got a gift from Big Al’s workmate. The card was addressed to Big Al and Missy Elliot. I was like.. what the heck. Obviously the person incharge of buying the gift and sending the card does not know my name and someone must have said.. oh check his facebook, lo and behold, his wife is called “Missy Elliot” don’t bother facebooking me.. .. read on and find out why.

 After laughing it off and realising that Danes have no clue who Missy Elliot is I decided change to my real name.. well sorta. I have not officially taken on Big Al’s name. Mynew facebook profile name is my real first name and Big Al’s surname

Since then the  very thing I had been avoiding by use of a fake name has happened. Folks crawling out of the woodwork asking to be my friends and blowing up my numbers and no, i just cannot say no! it’s rude.

meanwhile i will not b ur friend if u do not have pics… fair is fair come look at mine only if i can look at yours  you voyeur!

It’s official

My first cigarette: 2nd year of university. A and I decided to see what S&M was all about. We did not know one was supposed to inhale. I just held the smoke in my mouth and blew out. Thought I was being so cool. Tried it one more time at home and decided I did not know what the fuss was about. It is only years later I found out one is supposed to inhale the smoke into your lungs.. I was like “wtf”

My first kiss: 2nd year university: Afraid of dying a virgin I decided that I would let D kiss me since he had been making advances all the time. By then I had been been reading romance novels (harlequins, Mills&Boons etc) for forever so I knew what it involved just had never experienced it. He was ok.. but nothing like being told “you’re stiff like ice relax a little”.. (I remember the ice comment.. oh yes I do!!! thats why he never made it to boyfriend category 🙂 jamaas take note here.

My first time: None of y’alls business. 🙂

My first alcoholic drink: When I started dating Big Al. Prior to that I had tasted and sipped at alcoholic drinks all my life (my folks used to throw some good parties when they were still talking to each other and alcohol flowed in plenty) but never had like a glass or so. I think it was on our second date;  Big Al cooked and provided wine whereafter half a glass of wine I was high like a kite. Big Al says I came on to him big time. Me I do not remember coming on part. I think I just talked a lot 🙂 and I already talk a lot so it must have been like marathon talking.

So what is official.

Let me start at the begining.

Last year after I joined the ladies group (which I have since dis-joined) I noticed that after my usual half glass of wine, my throat would start itching like crazy. Prior to that I usually had my half glass of wine about once every 2 months or so. So you see, I have never been a drinker. Beer.. I don’t even begin to understand what folks taste in it. So after 3 meetings I figured, I could not do wine anymore cause the itching got worse. Then I got pregnant and alcohol was a no go.

A few weeks ago on our anniversary Big Al cooked and supplied red wine. I was cautious. I sipped it and 10 secs later the itches begun. Ok.. so obviously my body wants nothing to do with alcohol. At first I thought it was because of pregnancy hormones.. but obviously not.

Today I went shopping and got myself 4% alcoholic  apple cider cause I was just dying for cider. I usually drink one which is 0.4% alcohol without any drama. After 2 gupls.. not sips but gulps, my throat went into spasmic itchy shock. My ears begun to itch like nuts. Then as I was changing KK’s diaper I looked into the mirror and my left eye was completely bloodshot. Panic.

Big Al is away on work issues. I have both kids to myself. My in-laws live an hour away, my throat is all red and I am breaking out in some funny kind of looking boils on the left side of my body..Panic.

I calmed myself down, drunk a tumbler of water and a whole glass of juice. Theory; flush the alcohol out of my system and watched the eye. It is less red now. My throat is no longer itching violently. The boil looking things are not so itchy.

Need I spell it out….It’s offical.. I am allergic to alcohol.

No big loss.

Now if it was cake.. this post would have a whole different tone.

Have an alcohol free day.

Part 106: Hair and Weight

Understand this; NONE and I am not exgerjurating, NONE of my clothes fit me. It’s not even funny. When in Nairobi my sister went to Garissa Lodge and bought me 4 of those cheap Somali dresses for like ksh 150 each.  I then had4 maternity dresses made for me at the cost of ksh 1000 each. That is all I have been wearing since June. Prior to that I had bought 2 maternity skirts and 4 maternity tops.

The afore mentioned clothes are the only things that fit (though I look like I have borrowed someone’s clothes), but here is the thing, I can’t wear them cause the are not condusive to breast feeding. Only one skirt fits and that is all I am wearing including hubby’s sweats.

Not fun at all.

Moving on to Hair.

The pics I posted of myself shows my hair in braids which I had done at Kenyatta Market. I want them out like NOW.Prior to leaving for Nairobi I had made up my mind to loc my hair. One of my aunts is loced. So are two of my cousins. My aunt’s and one of my cousin’s locs did nothing for me. The other cousin I was like yeah.. that is more like it. What’s more her hair is more like mine in color and texture. F who mans the stall at Kenyatta market also has locs that I like. So that was the plan -lo c my hair. I arrived in Nairobi with 4 month old braids  which looked at ratty as they were old. Off I went to the salon to have them removed, washed my hair and blow dryed it.

OMG! My hair was LOONG. Even the chick blowdrying it was shocked. She was like “Kumbe hii nywele yako ni ndefu” (your hair is long) I kid you not it was up to my shoulders. I was like “ooookay.. kumbe this braiding works” so all thoughts of locing flew out the window cause I was like damn my hair is long I need to enjoy it when out” So instead of locing I braided it.

Now the braids are bugging me. I just want them out and I KNOW that is not a good idea cause I do not have the time to be fidgiting with my hair everyday hence the mini braids. But for some reason they are really bugging me and I want them out but I know myself. I will take them out, enjoy having my hair for like 3 days, be soo frustrated at not having the time to deal with it then cut it off. So for now the braids are here to stay. Ugh!

This post was originally done on 24.08.10