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Part 106: Hair and Weight

Understand this; NONE and I am not exgerjurating, NONE of my clothes fit me. It’s not even funny. When in Nairobi my sister went to Garissa Lodge and bought me 4 of those cheap Somali dresses for like ksh 150 each.  I then had4 maternity dresses made for me at the cost of ksh 1000 each. That is all I have been wearing since June. Prior to that I had bought 2 maternity skirts and 4 maternity tops.

The afore mentioned clothes are the only things that fit (though I look like I have borrowed someone’s clothes), but here is the thing, I can’t wear them cause the are not condusive to breast feeding. Only one skirt fits and that is all I am wearing including hubby’s sweats.

Not fun at all.

Moving on to Hair.

The pics I posted of myself shows my hair in braids which I had done at Kenyatta Market. I want them out like NOW.Prior to leaving for Nairobi I had made up my mind to loc my hair. One of my aunts is loced. So are two of my cousins. My aunt’s and one of my cousin’s locs did nothing for me. The other cousin I was like yeah.. that is more like it. What’s more her hair is more like mine in color and texture. F who mans the stall at Kenyatta market also has locs that I like. So that was the plan -lo c my hair. I arrived in Nairobi with 4 month old braids  which looked at ratty as they were old. Off I went to the salon to have them removed, washed my hair and blow dryed it.

OMG! My hair was LOONG. Even the chick blowdrying it was shocked. She was like “Kumbe hii nywele yako ni ndefu” (your hair is long) I kid you not it was up to my shoulders. I was like “ooookay.. kumbe this braiding works” so all thoughts of locing flew out the window cause I was like damn my hair is long I need to enjoy it when out” So instead of locing I braided it.

Now the braids are bugging me. I just want them out and I KNOW that is not a good idea cause I do not have the time to be fidgiting with my hair everyday hence the mini braids. But for some reason they are really bugging me and I want them out but I know myself. I will take them out, enjoy having my hair for like 3 days, be soo frustrated at not having the time to deal with it then cut it off. So for now the braids are here to stay. Ugh!

This post was originally done on 24.08.10

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  1. I feel you! I feel you! My hair is natural right now except for the front that I re-touch when I weave. (YES I do weave – the francophonies have a name for it that sounds bad – something like ‘mesh’ :)) I also wanted to loc but my hair grew and now I am determined to see the extent of length it can get to. I want braid long hair if I can get it with a natural look. So until then braids will be done. Luckily (pole and saying it shyly) I have kenyatta market nearby. 🙂

    Try keep the hair. Since it is long, try big rastas that can at least give you a week/2weeks rest. Yaani that is the best I can come up with. There truly has to be another way to be able to keep natural hair.

    eh jiringe tu na Kenyatta market 🙂 I am keeping it.. that is also my goal to get it long enoug so that my rasta matutas can be in a puff..

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