A few things about me


PS: KK is developing habits like her big brother.. this business of the only place to fall asleep in on mummy or next to mummy anything else is upuzi. I am not liking this.

About the Alias. When I first joined facebook I joined under an alias because I did not know what it was and I could not pre-view  without joining.. so Missy Elliot was born. I stayed with the fake name and was glad to keep it.

After KK was born we got a gift from Big Al’s workmate. The card was addressed to Big Al and Missy Elliot. I was like.. what the heck. Obviously the person incharge of buying the gift and sending the card does not know my name and someone must have said.. oh check his facebook, lo and behold, his wife is called “Missy Elliot” don’t bother facebooking me.. .. read on and find out why.

 After laughing it off and realising that Danes have no clue who Missy Elliot is I decided change to my real name.. well sorta. I have not officially taken on Big Al’s name. Mynew facebook profile name is my real first name and Big Al’s surname

Since then the  very thing I had been avoiding by use of a fake name has happened. Folks crawling out of the woodwork asking to be my friends and blowing up my numbers and no, i just cannot say no! it’s rude.

meanwhile i will not b ur friend if u do not have pics… fair is fair come look at mine only if i can look at yours  you voyeur!

Comments on: "Alias" (4)

  1. Ha ha…. I have one principle on FB: I am not on FB to make friends but to keep in touch with friends. So I dont add anyone as my friend unless we have actually been friends offline even if its 30 years ago. So an alias does not work for me.

    Laughing at ‘Missy Elliot’

  2. hehe missy Eliot.
    been trying to get my baby to sleep without mummy or daddy cuddles in vain.

  3. “voyeur”. I is guilty 🙂 – no picture and I even delete picture links from 3rd parties. Total friends 23 for 2.5 years.

  4. @ Gay Nairobi and KR: Finally people who get it. This mambo of being friends with sijui how many people nope nope. I had 2o something friends at one time.. now the number is 33 and that is like way too much and slowly creeping. Looking for another alias lol!

    @ farmgal; As I type she is sleeping on me and Nikh is watching his cartoons. This is a phase I can do without.

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