A few things about me

It’s official

My first cigarette: 2nd year of university. A and I decided to see what S&M was all about. We did not know one was supposed to inhale. I just held the smoke in my mouth and blew out. Thought I was being so cool. Tried it one more time at home and decided I did not know what the fuss was about. It is only years later I found out one is supposed to inhale the smoke into your lungs.. I was like “wtf”

My first kiss: 2nd year university: Afraid of dying a virgin I decided that I would let D kiss me since he had been making advances all the time. By then I had been been reading romance novels (harlequins, Mills&Boons etc) for forever so I knew what it involved just had never experienced it. He was ok.. but nothing like being told “you’re stiff like ice relax a little”.. (I remember the ice comment.. oh yes I do!!! thats why he never made it to boyfriend category 🙂 jamaas take note here.

My first time: None of y’alls business. 🙂

My first alcoholic drink: When I started dating Big Al. Prior to that I had tasted and sipped at alcoholic drinks all my life (my folks used to throw some good parties when they were still talking to each other and alcohol flowed in plenty) but never had like a glass or so. I think it was on our second date;  Big Al cooked and provided wine whereafter half a glass of wine I was high like a kite. Big Al says I came on to him big time. Me I do not remember coming on part. I think I just talked a lot 🙂 and I already talk a lot so it must have been like marathon talking.

So what is official.

Let me start at the begining.

Last year after I joined the ladies group (which I have since dis-joined) I noticed that after my usual half glass of wine, my throat would start itching like crazy. Prior to that I usually had my half glass of wine about once every 2 months or so. So you see, I have never been a drinker. Beer.. I don’t even begin to understand what folks taste in it. So after 3 meetings I figured, I could not do wine anymore cause the itching got worse. Then I got pregnant and alcohol was a no go.

A few weeks ago on our anniversary Big Al cooked and supplied red wine. I was cautious. I sipped it and 10 secs later the itches begun. Ok.. so obviously my body wants nothing to do with alcohol. At first I thought it was because of pregnancy hormones.. but obviously not.

Today I went shopping and got myself 4% alcoholic  apple cider cause I was just dying for cider. I usually drink one which is 0.4% alcohol without any drama. After 2 gupls.. not sips but gulps, my throat went into spasmic itchy shock. My ears begun to itch like nuts. Then as I was changing KK’s diaper I looked into the mirror and my left eye was completely bloodshot. Panic.

Big Al is away on work issues. I have both kids to myself. My in-laws live an hour away, my throat is all red and I am breaking out in some funny kind of looking boils on the left side of my body..Panic.

I calmed myself down, drunk a tumbler of water and a whole glass of juice. Theory; flush the alcohol out of my system and watched the eye. It is less red now. My throat is no longer itching violently. The boil looking things are not so itchy.

Need I spell it out….It’s offical.. I am allergic to alcohol.

No big loss.

Now if it was cake.. this post would have a whole different tone.

Have an alcohol free day.

Comments on: "It’s official" (6)

  1. You are missing nothing dear. I have seen alcohol damage families and seen people lose jobs because of it.

    But what a WAY to find out?

    You will always be a cheap date now LOL

  2. Me I don’t like beer simply because it tastes bad. I like me some wine, with an upper limit of 2 glasses after a meal. Beyond that, it becomes ugly.
    I guess you should be happy for the allergies 🙂

  3. ..itches,red eye (kwanza just one),hot throat,boils…that musta been scary…like watching urself mutate …woishe..sowwie..
    @PKW,finally i meet someone who agrees that beer just tastes bad.yuck!

  4. Finally, people who agree beer tastes bad. I just don’t get the fascination with it. Although, regarding your “allergies”, I have an uncle who gets the same itchy/throat-closing thing(though – donkt know about the eye and boils) when he takes any kind of alchohol. So he sticks to the non-alchoholic beer (yes, he liked the taste of beer)
    Love the blog.

  5. Hi Mrembo,
    I had to comment on this! Haven’t read your blog in a long time. First congratulations mom! Second baby? that is awesome.

    Yes, you are allergic to alcohol. I experienced similar symptoms you describe, only I had eaten a mishmash of seafood one cold night in Rome. I thought my throat was coming out of my mouth..if u get the drift. It was a nightmare! And it doesn’t matter that you had tasted the same earlier and nothing happened. Allergies are known to develop even later on in life.
    Anyway, all the best.
    AK (used to be my blog name)

    I am still on hunt for the cause.. I am getting closer and closer.. imagine Ribena is giving me slight symptoms.. watery eyes, itchy throat.. though not as violent as alcohol.. so I am getting there.

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