A few things about me

Hope and Gratitude

Today I am happy. Very happy, grateful and believing in hope.

My family has been going through some really tough stuff and through it all my mother, my personal hero has inspired me with her strength and grace in dealing with this issue. The breakthrough has been long awaited. The problem is not solved but on it’s way to being solved and for that I am truly truly grateful and glad.

That said, I had to ask mum where she gets her strength to go on. I was crying on the phone as she spoke. Feeling stupid for crying, apologising for it.. but needing to because that is how it was. Her answer was God and her faith in God. 

My faith is there but complicated. Not so straight forward anymore but ever present. I pray, I believe….. just not in organised chrisitianity. Nonetheless I count myself a believer and I am bringing up my son believing in the christian God. Ironic. I know.. but my point is that I want him to grow up having faith in God.. whom I believe in.. and later on can define his faith for himself.

But in God, the supernatural power, creator of all things, Him I believe in.. the rest… well… eh…

This post is about gratitude and hope. I am thankful. I remain hopeful.. (though hope and I have been down an interesting path, from beliving hope is hopeless.. to seeing it fulfilled…hope.. a strange human feeling)

Be encouraged if things are going thick. There is hope and be grateful for the now you in are in for the blessing you have now and keep on keeping on.


Comments on: "Hope and Gratitude" (4)

  1. I have found being hopeful and grateful helps in tough situations.
    I’m happy that you are happy, mukwano gwange.

  2. Everything does not have to be wonderful in order for you to be grateful! In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to be grateful for the fact that everything is not going your way. How quickly would you get bored if you were not experiencing any challenges in your life? These are the things that make you grow, that allow you to balance the good with the bad, and it is overcoming these challenges that make you feel better!

    Be Well.

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