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Feeling Sexy baby!

I was at Nappturality.com reading a thread that asked, ” what does sexy mean to you” and  ” what would you ladies/guys describe as looking/feeling sexy”

That got me thinking. The first word that came to mind when defining sexy ala Mrembo was CONFIDENCE and a certain comfort/ease with one’s body. .

As for the description of looking/feeling sexy: I feel sexy when I am feeling “here I am world see me roar” When I feel like I fit my body and my body is cooperating with me.  (that does not make sense does it). I feel sexy when I am bathed, oiled, feeling comfortable in my clothes and my tummy is tight. Tight tummy brings my sexy out with a quickness. I could be wearing hubby’s sweat pants and a huge jumper and still feel sexy.

Sexy underwear under buggy clothes ALWAYS makes me feel sexy. The idea that under all the grubbyness is some divinity just brings my sexy out with a bang!

Looking sexy to me is all about swagger and very little to do with clothes. (as you can see once again.. clothes don’t mean that much to me) but then again the right fit in clothes is important and cleanliness.

So to sum it up. Sexy is confidence, clean, swagger and underwear lol

Have a sexy day!


Comments on: "Feeling Sexy baby!" (2)

  1. made my saturday!

  2. Sexiness is underwear…lol….nice stuff.

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