A few things about me


I have refered to her twice and she is on my blog roll. If you have never taken the time out to read her blog, this is the time.

She inspires, uplifts and challenges me.

Because of her my self pitying days are gone. Because of her I have a better understanding of faith in the face of a storm. Because of her I have learnt the meaning of taking responsibilty of ones actions and behaviour. 

In the coming days she is undergoing treatment which is very risky but life saving.

So I have come here to ask you good people to pray for Ms. Rae Lewis Thorton. http://www.raelewisthornton.com/

and for those of you that can… make a donation.

God bless

Comments on: "Prayer" (5)

  1. I couldn’t open the link but I think this is the diva living with HIV/AIDS? Will pray for her.
    Yes it is her and thanks for letting me know the link was not working. It is now repaired

  2. Hi Mrembo,
    Hope you and the family are doing well. Best wishes to your blog friend, hope she gets well.

    on a related note, I have an unusually high hits on my blog today all redirected from your blog, and seeing as i am on your blog roll, I would like to assure your readers that Mwari is well 🙂


  3. @ Mwari, good to know you are doing well no matter how silent you are in blogsphere.. though I do “see” you now and again on FB.


  4. I did visit her blog from the links you had in the past and read her story. She is one woman of strength (& courage). She write well and knows ‘fashion and style’ – I have said my prayers for her.

  5. I love the new look!

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