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Book Rant one more time

I am irritated.

I have spent the best part of an hour and a half looking for books at amazon to no avail.

Last time I read a historical romance was yesterday and I realise that after my almost 2 year hiatus from historical romances I am missing nothing. By the way I usually get my recommendations for romance books at www.likesbooks.com  in the forum section.

While reading ” your top hundred books” at likesbooks.com I kept coming across “Pride and Prejudice” and have finally caved in and decided to buy the book.  My dislike for all things “old school british literature” stems from high school literature class. Lord I hated “Wuthering Heights”. The font alone was an instant turn off. Then the book was thick and the fact that I had to read it for my form 5 exam.. hated that one. “Great Expectations” was an ok story…but i had to read it like 5 times before I could relly get into it.

Those two books sealed it for me. So everytime I have heard of Pride and Prejudice.. my mind flashes back to those two afore mentioned books and I get the shivers of dread…. as in yuck!

But now I find myself willing to give a little and see what the hype is all about. It helps that it only cost £1.99.

That said.. here are is my list of books that I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed so far this year.

  1. The thing around your neck – Chimande Ngozi Adichie
  2. Purple Hibiscus -Chimande Ngozi Adichie
  3. Half the yellow Sun – Chimande Ngozi Adichie
  4. Say you are one of them – Uwem Akapan (I have not yet finished it because the second story devastated my heart.. I could not go on.. really. I take my stories that seriously. I was left in utter shock..)
  5. On Black Sisters Street – Chika Unigwe
  6. Rainwater – Sandra Brown (I cried like a baby…. achingly beautiful)
  7. Her Mother’s Hope – Francine Rivers
  8. Goodnight beautiful – dorothy koomson (this one annoyed me to no end..but recommend it if u like….i dont know how to describe it…kinda  books) ( a friend lent me 3 Komsoon novels and she is an ok author but not entierly my cup of tea)

in btw that i have read lots of romance of the vampire kind….that’s not true :-).   discovered ” Midnight breed” series while in Nairobi and have since read 7 of the 8 books in print.  the interesting thing is that i am now more capivated by the enemy’s story than i am the protagonist’s. Reading them especially the last three has been like enjoying a good sci-fi movie.

May I end by saying that sometimes I feel likeI am the only person I know in real life who likes the books I like and it can be a lonely place to be.. because I soooo want to discuss the books with someone.

You know like the first 5 books on the list.. someone has to have read at least 2 of them  comeon now…any takers….

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  1. I admit I am not a fiction reader anymore, haven’t even read ANY of the books you’ve listed. Imagine I think I read more in primary school and seco than after that? Shame, eh? When I was young, I enjoyed books by Meja Mwangi and African Series Writers.Haki I promise (you and me) to read more. Starting with ‘Say You Are One of Them’

  2. Great post. I am in the middle of Wuthering Heights and about to start thereafter Sense and Sensibility. I will go for Pride and Prejudice after.

    I will definately check out the author of the first 3 books. I must sadly admit the last time I read an african author was school literature. I love the african short stories we did then, it had great stories 17 edited from the 18 in original so as to remove Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s story. 🙂 Kenya tumetoka mbali

  3. @PKW: If you do pick up any I would recommend “The thing around your neck”. It is a compilation of short stories. Very good.

    @KR: wow.. all those classics. I am curious to see how it goes with Pride and prejuidce. Interesting thing is that on that forum it was being quoted as one of the greatest romances.. so looking forward to that.
    I think you will enjoy the books by Chimande Ngozi. She is a brilliant writer. oh and when you do read them please let me know what you think. 🙂

  4. I have read the first 3 books on your list, Say you are one of them is sitting on my shelf… I love the way Chimamanda writes. So much so i started stalking her online 🙂 Have you watched her clip on TED talking about the Danger of a single story? If i had lots of money, i would make one of her short stories into a film…

    My fav story (ies) in the thing around your neck is the one the young girl hides in a room with the elder woman and the one about the American Embassy.

    I don’t read vampire stories, can’t even bring myself to watch them. Only ever read Ann Rice – Interview with a Vampire. As for Historical romances….I read them so much in high school, i still remember how they described the men! My fav write of all time remain to be Amanda Quick (pseudonym).

    I have just discovered David Sedaris, mostly from listening to This American Life podcast.

    Look for Long Way Gone by Ishamel Beah. Not for the faint-hearted though!

    • Dark Angel.. I love you! Finally someone who reads what I read yay!

      Ofcourse I have watched the “Danger of the single story” talk she gave at TED. I was approaching stalkerish tendecies with her but due to lack of time.. .. those tendencies died. She is phenomenal me thinks.

      Now lets first talk about “the thing around your neck”. The copy I got was messed up. The stories “intimate” and the next one following got mixed up in publishing so there is no ending to “intimate” which I am was so dying to know how it ended. Do tell.

      My favourtie story was “Imitation” and the one of the writers gathered in South Africa and.. well the whole book was fantastic.

      That would be such a fantastic opportunity to make a movie out of one of her stories.

      I’ll tell you why I like her. She writes about contemporaray Africa. One that I can relate to. Hii mambo yaa colonial or immediate post-colonialism just turns me off.

      Will check out the ones you have mentioned.

  5. You have to read “my sister’s keeper”. Don’t watch the movie, read the book, I still think about it months after i read it! It is that good!

  6. I have read “purple hibiscus” and “say you’re one of them”. I haven’t finished “half of a yellow sun” but I love it already because I like stories about the biafran war. “Say you’re one of them” left me depressed for 2 weeks. Fattening for Gabon and Luxurious hearses….I usually go through books quickly, but I needed a lot of breaks in between stories to regroup. by break I mean two days to feel sorry for myself..hmmm

    Oh my God, where have you been all my life?? You get it.. you totally get it! I am still afraid to pick “Say you are one of them” I don’t feel strong enough to deal with the stories in there. I recently finished reading one called “I do not come to you by chance” by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani. I highly recommend it. A tad verbose here and there but on the whole fantastic book.

    Hope to see you around at my new place and we can discuss books more

  7. I’ve read four of those books : The thing around your neck – Chimande Ngozi Adichie
    Purple Hibiscus -Chimande Ngozi Adichie
    Half the yellow Sun – Chimande Ngozi Adichie
    On Black Sisters Street – Chika Unigwe

    We could discuss them someday.

  8. You n savvy where do you get some of these books, i’v never read any book on your list and i read atleast three novels a week always.

    • I get mine from Amazon.co.uk. The good thing is when you buy a book or look at one it recommends “like books” so I get to find some fantastic African treasures.

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