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Adieu good people

It is a hyggelig (cozy) dark winter day with rain/slush falling from the sky.  We just got back home from day care. KK lies asleep in her pram and Nikh is watching “Monsters Inc” (in English)for the upteenth time while chumping away at a banana sandwich (yuck! me thinks… at the sandwich, but he likes.. so I fix it for him).

Thus the setting is in place for my farewell.

Ladies and gents, the time has finally come for me to bid you goodbye and farewell. It is has been some time in coming, I just had to make sure that this is what I wanted to do.

The reason is simply that I do not have much to say anymore. I have said myself out and that is all there is to it.

I want to say thank you to all of you who took the time out to read my blog and a special tak for those who took time  to comment. It was always a delight to read your comments.

I was going to delete the blog but my hubby’s words keep coming back.. “why not just say goodbye and leave the blog up instead of deleting it completely”. I am like that.. while hubby likes to “leave doors open” , I lock, close, destroy them and move on without looking back. That’s just me.

The same goes for my face book.  I WASTE A LOT OF TIME over at facebook. Here is the thing, the people who I actually keep in touch with, we do all our communicating over email, phone or face to face.. so I see no need for facebook. Many a time I find myself wasting wasting time  looking at pics of peeps I don’t know.. and I am like .. “what are you doing Mrembo”. In all truth, FB has added nothing to my life.

It’s been a swell 4 years, 8 months and so many days.

Take care, be good and God bless.

On my mind

On the news today:

After the release of the national budget or finansloven as they call it here, a total of 44,000 Council employees are to be fired by end of next year in effort to meet budget cuts.

On the news yesterday:

A school put out an ad for a maintenance man and recieved 625 applications in comparison to the usual, 15-20 applications recieved when such a position is advertised.

In the news a few weeks ago:

The third largest employer in Denmark fired 2000 people.

Keep in mind the following fact. Population size is 5.5million. Workforce is approx 2.4million making the afore mentioned job cuts a significant knock on the economy.

You’re still wondering how does this affect me.

Here we go.

My plan was that at the end of my maternity leave I would not be returning to my job. (In case you are not in the know I work at a laundry folding and packing away hospital clothes). Instead I would have secured a job more in line with my desires and mentality of “this is the kind of work I am supposed to be doing”  or I would have started my own gig (those plans have been shelved indefintely… maybe one day I will tell you guys about it) These cuts signify that the economy is still shaky even though I thought it was on it’s way up after  house prices had started creeping up . The fact that intrest rates are still  low should have reminded me otherwise. To sum it up things are still shitty economically and I find myself very interested in this meeting taking place in Seoul with all these powerful heads of state.

In the midst of all this depression one little thought/fact keeps me bouyed. I got a job for life, I have an income for life. So for now I just have to ride this tide and keep my plans in focus.

One sure thing is that I am not quitting this gig until I know that I have another source of income at hand.

A part of me feels like I am stuck between a rock and hard place and the other feels.. just thank -God you have work and thus a decent income.

Hello world!


I looked at the bank account and almost fell off my chair.  A deeper look at the statement revealed that YES WE have been careless this month, spending on this that and the other. The amount left for the next 20 days is rather appalling. The challenge is on though, see if we can live off it with out going into red. All plans of going into town to manga manga and treat myself to hot chocolate, a waffle and some magazine have been postponed til further notice 🙂

Have an economically sound day.

Kenyan Men and shorts

I searched for “Kenyan Fashion 2010” over at Youtube.com and found this hilarious.  What do you all think