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Adieu good people

It is a hyggelig (cozy) dark winter day with rain/slush falling from the sky.  We just got back home from day care. KK lies asleep in her pram and Nikh is watching “Monsters Inc” (in English)for the upteenth time while chumping away at a banana sandwich (yuck! me thinks… at the sandwich, but he likes.. so I fix it for him).

Thus the setting is in place for my farewell.

Ladies and gents, the time has finally come for me to bid you goodbye and farewell. It is has been some time in coming, I just had to make sure that this is what I wanted to do.

The reason is simply that I do not have much to say anymore. I have said myself out and that is all there is to it.

I want to say thank you to all of you who took the time out to read my blog and a special tak for those who took time  to comment. It was always a delight to read your comments.

I was going to delete the blog but my hubby’s words keep coming back.. “why not just say goodbye and leave the blog up instead of deleting it completely”. I am like that.. while hubby likes to “leave doors open” , I lock, close, destroy them and move on without looking back. That’s just me.

The same goes for my face book.  I WASTE A LOT OF TIME over at facebook. Here is the thing, the people who I actually keep in touch with, we do all our communicating over email, phone or face to face.. so I see no need for facebook. Many a time I find myself wasting wasting time  looking at pics of peeps I don’t know.. and I am like .. “what are you doing Mrembo”. In all truth, FB has added nothing to my life.

It’s been a swell 4 years, 8 months and so many days.

Take care, be good and God bless.

Comments on: "Adieu good people" (11)

  1. nooooooo!!!!!! 😦

  2. woi, mwana! Utatupakisha tu hapa tuki-wasti time pekee yetu?

  3. I refuse to say goodbye. Am sure you’ll be back. In the meantime, best wishes for you and your family.

  4. Very very sad indeed, i was one of your adamant readers, love your style of writting and your honesty, you will be back someday that am sure of, until then, wish you God Blessings, be blessed and be a blessing, you truly are a great person. Go well Mrembo.

  5. Me, am also contemplating saying my goodbyes or disappearing without a word, so I understand. I have lots to say, mostly about me, and feel like am letting out too much to faceless people.
    Is your mrembo email going to remain functional? At least keep reading and commenting on other blogs,eh?

  6. @ All: you are all so sweet coming out like this to say “see you later” Thank you.

    I will definitely be reading and commenting on other blogs. Just discovered a few and was like “where have I been all this time”.
    My email will also be functional until further notice.

    Take care folks and be good!

    mingi love to y’all

  7. Though, I haven’t been here for soo long. I enjoyed the short time I stopped by. Blessings you to and Famo, and best of luck with the winter darkness….juu man, it’s getting on my nerves already after a few weeks of it. Tutapatana kwa PKW or elsewhere.


  8. I promise you the writing bug never goes away … take a break and please please be back …pretty please…love your work

  9. I can’t tell you how I have enjoyed your posts for the last 4 years or more. I can’t thank you enough for sharing. See you around the blogsphere.

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