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    1. Love your work! I am trying to create a blog too!

    2. Hi.. I’m thinking about doing a documentary about blacks abroad.. Are you still in Denmark? and would you be open to be interviewed?

    3. @ Terri….this is me giddy with excitement running with my hand up in the air saying, “yes, yes and yes to all the above”

      I am so shameless… but what the heck.. so yeah, I would be willing to be interviewed.

    4. Samantha said:

      I really think this would be a better world to live in if All the BLACK people would go back to their homeland, (Africa). It seems they would be much happier with their own kind

    5. Hello. I am a senior aged white woman from the US. I am ashamed of the amount of racism we have here. My Mother taught her children better. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. Since he often speaks of Denmark as a country to emulate, I was researching the educational system in Denmark. That’s when I stumbled across your writings. I’m shocked to hear about the lack of diversity in Denmark. I’m sorry that you struggle to be accepted there. Please know that there are many of us all around the world who take each person as an individual, not a race, religion or anything else. Reading what you’d written, I felt compassion and love for you. I wish we could just spend time together hanging out. 🙂

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