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Mishmash and Update

Update first: remember my allergic reaction. Happens when I took KK for her 5 week checkup at the doctor’s I mentioned my allergic reaction. Doc took a blood sample and a week later I got the results. I tested negative for any allergies. She went into a long explanation about how they check the blood for pollen allergy and if present that signals the possibility of allergies which would result in further, individualised tests. Since I tested negative means I am not allergic to anything.

She went on to say that no one can be allergic to alcohol so it has to do something with the other ingredients in the drinks.  The only common thing btw red, white wine and apple cider is the alcohol and the grapes for the wines.. so I am still drawing a blank and keeping away from it. I did sip at apple cider 2 days ago and boom.. throat started doing it’s thing.. so.. whatever. I was warned to keep some antihestimines on hand and keep note of  I have consumed every time I get the reaction.

Moving on….

Watched “Predetor” yesterday and the day before. (see as a mom to two kids under4, there is no way I have 2 full hours to myself.. so it took me 2 days to finish watching it) Loved loved it. Just my kind of movie.

Today I started “The Expendables”. There was a nice moment  when Rambo, Shwazeneggar (sp) and Bruce were together in one shot.. brings back memories. I was IN LOVE with Bruce Willis back  the day and it all started with “Moonlighting”.It used to come on at 9.00pm on Thursdays… eh you see I remember. I loved that man.. still do. Still watch everything he does even the boring stuff. Young true love dies hard.. . Still puts a smile on my face… Bruce does!


The hardest part about mommyhood is the sleepless nights. I keep reminding myself that sleep deprivation is actually used as a form of torture so I should just chill out. That said.. lack of sleep totally sucks.


today I have done nothing but actively rested. Did a 45min long walk with KK and took the bus back home. Feeling good cause I have cleared some of the little admin things I had outstanding. Cooked minced meat to go with pasta, carrots and broccoli. Got to keep the family healthy.

and that is all from Mremboville.

be blessed.


For six weeks someone else was responsible for thinking about what to cook the cooking process.  For six weeks the only thing I had to do with food and a kitchen was simply eat or wash dishes.

Now  back in my own home, I can’t seem to find my feet or rather head and hands around my kitchen. “What shall we have for supper” is such a tedious process. My three attempts at cooking have been disaster.

I need to get my cooking mojo pronto!

So what’s for dinner tonight?

PS. all the spices, veggies etc.. taste more than they do here. Even sugar is sweeter. One and half teaspoons of sugar in my tea in Kenya is almost too much. Here I need to have 2 spoons of sugar. The salt ain’t salty enough. I swear I am not exaggerating. Food at home seems to have more intensity and flavour.  The onions and garlic, don’t smell the same. The tomatoe just doesn’t tomatoe when you cook it…know what I mean.  I am begining to buy into the whole “plant it yourself” or buy from a small scale “organic” farmer.

Oh and I did get my son hooked on Kenyan sausages. Yes there is nothing like the Kenyan Farmer’s choice sausage 🙂

Food and stories

Was smiling to myself on the way home cause I remembered a funny incident:

I was to meet a certain danish lady sometime last year. We had talked on the phone a number of times and finally had arranged the meeting. We agreed on the time and place. Her not knowing me and viceversa I said “I will be the tall black lady there” she giggled and said she would be the “strawberry blond in a brown jacket”.

I got the the venue before her and was waiting, she came in, headed for the only black lady and put out her hand “Hi, you must be Mrembo”. I smiled shook her hand and replied “you must be Anita”. She responded with “Yes that’s me, strawberry blond lady”.

Now me I was looking at her hair and I was thinking to myself “ok.. strawberries are red, so if you are a strawberry blond, I am thinking something reddish in your hair”. The hair in question was no where near red, but more like dark brown blond. That day I learned what strawberry blond looks like, though if you ask me to point it out, I will be like huh???

On facebook theres a fanclub called “farmers choice sausages are the tastiest” or something to that effect. That had me reminiscing. When I was back home in 2006..(it’s been long since I have been to Nairobi), one of the gals who lived with my mum at the time asked me to get her “smoky bili na chips”. I looked at her like..”eh, smoky.. hizo ni nini??” Mum piped up laughing

“aieh Mrembo, you don’t know what smokies are, even me I know ”

No one believed I did not know the term and refused to tell me what they were. Simply said ” nenda dukani, wambie wataka chips na smoky mbili”

That’s the day I found out smoky means sausage!

Talking about food, to my utter disgrace I put up my hand and admit I never learned to cook ugali, of all things I cannot cook a “cooked” ugali. To date my mum is scandalised, but appeasese herself by saying ” at the time you would have learned how to, you had already moved to Uganda”. When she was here in 2007 I made her cook ugali for me almost every lunch time and I would have it with maziwa mala (sour milk). Yup they have it here. Maziwa mala with sugar and ugali goes down really well.

I have been so bored with my own cooking and buying take out. I really need to eat someone else’s home made cooking. So since that is not feasible on a daliy basis, I decided to get some recipies and follow them to the “t”. That is an issue with me, I hardly ever follow a recipe to the as exacted cause I never have all the ingredients, so in the coming weeks I am making concerted effort to print the recipes and take them with me when I go grocery shopping so that I have all the ingredients. I have downloaded some interesting “southern cooking recipes” and intrestingly enough they all involve beans. Which should tell you something, I am hungering for beans and rice. Problem is, my husband and son.. yes, this little nearly 3 year old boy, do  not like beans. Ati I cook just beans and rice. There has to be some meat or as hubby says “something to beef it up”. Nikh just refuses to eat period.

So every time I cook beans, whatever kind, mung (dengu), pinto, blackeyed, I end up freezing the whole batch and eating them alone over a period of time.

Right now I am soooooo stuffed. at 12:00pm I went to the hospital cafeteria and had 2 pieces of chicken breast, 5 boiled potatoes, sauce and salad + cake for dessert. My stomach is sooooo stretched I am uncomfy. I was hungry when I ate! It’s now 16:34. NO supper for me

Have a foody day and tell me what you like to eat.

PS: The foods that I love best in no particular order

  • chai na mkate ( african home made tea with milk & sugar accompanied with  bread or as my husband likes me clarify, bread with butter and jam). If the bread is fresh and soft, mum and I have been known to demolish superloaf at one sitting of 4 o´clock tea.
  • Chips with ketchup. Ketchup is a must. Chips on thier own without ketchup do absolutely nothing for me. With ketchup, I can eat monday to monday 365 days a year baby.
  • Cake. A simple pound cake, no fancy creams or whatever, just simple fresh pound cake espeically straight from the oven, yum!
  • Simple rice and beef stew. Right now or rather tomorrow, the idea of the sukuma(kale) mixed in the beefstew with rice.. aha
  • Mum’s pilau is off the chain. My mum can cook pilau and I can make one hell of a kachumbari. That is Big Al’s request when mum visits or when he is in mum’s house

let me get back to my other duties