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Part 106: Hair and Weight

Understand this; NONE and I am not exgerjurating, NONE of my clothes fit me. It’s not even funny. When in Nairobi my sister went to Garissa Lodge and bought me 4 of those cheap Somali dresses for like ksh 150 each.  I then had4 maternity dresses made for me at the cost of ksh 1000 each. That is all I have been wearing since June. Prior to that I had bought 2 maternity skirts and 4 maternity tops.

The afore mentioned clothes are the only things that fit (though I look like I have borrowed someone’s clothes), but here is the thing, I can’t wear them cause the are not condusive to breast feeding. Only one skirt fits and that is all I am wearing including hubby’s sweats.

Not fun at all.

Moving on to Hair.

The pics I posted of myself shows my hair in braids which I had done at Kenyatta Market. I want them out like NOW.Prior to leaving for Nairobi I had made up my mind to loc my hair. One of my aunts is loced. So are two of my cousins. My aunt’s and one of my cousin’s locs did nothing for me. The other cousin I was like yeah.. that is more like it. What’s more her hair is more like mine in color and texture. F who mans the stall at Kenyatta market also has locs that I like. So that was the plan -lo c my hair. I arrived in Nairobi with 4 month old braids  which looked at ratty as they were old. Off I went to the salon to have them removed, washed my hair and blow dryed it.

OMG! My hair was LOONG. Even the chick blowdrying it was shocked. She was like “Kumbe hii nywele yako ni ndefu” (your hair is long) I kid you not it was up to my shoulders. I was like “ooookay.. kumbe this braiding works” so all thoughts of locing flew out the window cause I was like damn my hair is long I need to enjoy it when out” So instead of locing I braided it.

Now the braids are bugging me. I just want them out and I KNOW that is not a good idea cause I do not have the time to be fidgiting with my hair everyday hence the mini braids. But for some reason they are really bugging me and I want them out but I know myself. I will take them out, enjoy having my hair for like 3 days, be soo frustrated at not having the time to deal with it then cut it off. So for now the braids are here to stay. Ugh!

This post was originally done on 24.08.10

It’s done!

After 7 years  of natural hair (two lapses of chemically altered hair) I finally made the decision and cut it all off. Yes, I went ahead and cut off 2.5 years growth of natural hair. About time I did so!

Woke up Wednesday morning and asked myself how could I allow my hair to be pushing me around thus. It’s just freaking hair and if there is one thing I have learned: Hair grows! I went to the only hair stylist I trust in this city and told her to do her thing. She went shorter than I wanted but that is fine.

I like the way I look. I feel very relieved to have it off. I am thinking of colouring it. Do something really wild. (did you know that tattoos are really expensive…… so my tattoo is on hold till my job comes about!) Hair color will have to do for now.

Maybe I will put up photos of before and after. Who knows!

Tip # 1

Do you own a pair of pararad (ashy/dry feet)? If you do then listen up.

During  autumn/fall, winter and spring( almost all year round) I fight the battle against ashy feet, even the champion of them all the might Vaseline never seems to do the trick.  I think I have finally found the solution. Hello coconut oil. I am talking about the real coconut, unrefined oil. The smelly stuff.

In the midst of searching for tips on how to keep my hair moisturised etc etc.. I found info on the wonders of coconut oil. Quickly I sms-ed mum and told her to bring me some.  So far it is doing what it is supposed to be doing for my hair the most important being darkening it. Anyway, so the other day mum says to me ati she had been wondering why her feet were getting ashy and dry. She’d never had the problem and mighty vaseline was not working, so she tried out some of the coconut oil and hey presto. I did not need to be told twice

The stuff works. I slather it on my feet and legs in the morning immediately after my shower and I do not need to moisturize my feet again, my legs is another matter. I am still puzzling as to why I get so dry particularly on the feet and legs. (note: The water here is very hard so I am thinking that has something to do with it!). The trick with coconut oil is to do the stuff immediately you leave the shower and wait a few minutes before you dress. That way, you do not get the smell on your clothes and you can be “amongst people” without them wondering… what the heck is that smell.

It’s doing good stuff for my hair and not for my scalp. I am itching a lot.

So that’s my tip to you hope it works. But I must warn you the stuff does smell and not in a pleasant way.

Fashion Pics

Since I am on the roll with the pictures here we go….. so much for having lost blog mojo. Baby is still sleeping (in his bed now.. so gotta hurry)


The above outfit is banging! love the handbag too. Though I would never know how to put it together if it was left to me.

Below, I love the simplicity of the outfit. Love love the blouse.


Another leggings picture below


I got the leggings pictures from this website. It basically means Streetfashion=gade mode. That is the fashion in Denmark at the moment

I am trying to find fashion pictures of Everyday black men and women and it is proving rather difficult given my time constraints. I found this instead. Enjoy.

Nothing much

As the saying goes: I have lost blog mojo. That being said, I have a few random thoughts that are begging to be let out so here goes;

Baby will be seven months old on Sunday. Photos to come. Right now he is asleep on me in the baby carrier. He’s had a few rough days. Been to doc twice and baby has been given a clean bill of health.. whatever he is going through has been hard on him. My poor baby has been screaming, whiny and just wants to be close to Mama. Poor baby. The fact that he is sleeping should mean that he is on his way to feeling better- yippe. He has 4 teeth. Is trying to crawl. Sits up on his own kabisa and is on a food strike at the moment. Only boobies will do.

The other day I was reading something on Oprah’s website. It was the recap on a show about sex . One of the panelist was saying ati sex after 50 is still hot… (we are yet to see 🙂 Then she continued to say that she has a FWB =friend with benefits and they have a good understanding and respect for each other blah blah. I found myself wondering exactly how this FWBs works. My wondering went something like this: So now when one feels like getting their groove on, you call and say “hey I will be over and a minute” then you get there, pretend to have coffee or whatever while knowing that you are there primarily for the nookie” I was just not seeing how one goes about this FWBs gig. It has to get awkward at some point. How does one not catch feelings for the other, how do you deal with “I am busy” ama.. the fact that your FWBs has another FWBs….. very strange.. me thinks I would rather pay for it.. because at least in that case there is no pretense.. I need release.. I pay, you do the job.. you go home thank you very much and hopefully since it with a professional… satisfaction guaranteed. 😀

I am toying with the idea of getting leggings. There are the mid calf leggings which were in all summer. With winter approaching the full length leggings are in. I have seen some leggings atrocities in town hence my skeptism. They look nice on the less endowed thighs. Being fully African with abundant thigh.. but not butt tsk tsk… me thinks I might end up being an atrocity. Still toying with the idea. This is what I am talking about:

leggings.jpg This is okayish leggings.

legging-atrocity.jpg This is not working for her at all.

Winter is approaching, hair must get braided. Have I mentioned it costs like £110 to have it done. The lady refused to give “a sister” a discount. Someone has offered to work thier magic on my head but I am hesitant. Thing is very few people can braid without pulling your hair. My hair line is already dodgey looking thus my unwillingness to further destroy it in the name of saving a few bucks.. buuuuuttttt £110 is a lot to ask!