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Me and my babies

KK seems is of the conviction and belief that the only place to sleep is on mummy. The only place to chill is on mummy. The only person who can comfort and love her is mummy and that is all good until we acknowledge that mummy is ahuman being who needs a break once in a while.

Unlike when her brother was 4 weeks old, KK loves the car and her pram. Put her in eithr of them and get moving, she will sleep all way. For that I am grateful.

Today I was in DIRE need of a break  from my normal house routine with the car at my disposal, KK got packet into her car seat and we went window shopping at City Vest. (by the way, I promised myself that I will not be buying any new clothes till next summer. This is because when I finally finished unpacking all the boxes from our move last year …yeah took me that long to unpack.. I realised I had lots of clothes and good ones at that.. so until I use them, no more new clothes for me. See that’s not a hard thing for me cause I have never been a clothes horse. The only thing I want is a new pair of boots and a pair of closed, cute, comfy shoes which I can just slip into as in no laces no buckles. Oh and two sweaters. The current ones I have been wearing are like 4 years old and I wear them a lot…. I digress)

While at the mall I bumped into L and her kids.  What rubbish small talk we made. Her promising to call and me nodding saying yeah while I know that she will not call and has no intention of maintaining contact. This is how it is with L. I met her about 2 years ago, visited her twice, invited her numerously to my digs, she never showed. Called her twice , the third time was at the prompting of her hubby cause she was going through some thangs. All the time she was full of hot air about keeping in touch. Now I just play along. “yeah, see you soon and keep in touch.. mmh.. good call me when you can”. I’m ok with it cause I have figured her out.. which is basically.. “I am not interested in pursuing this further.. but will be polite” Something I have learned about people is to accept them where they are at and not to say stuff I do not mean.

Back to the mall: There were the cutest baby winter outfits and boys jackets…. I had to restrain myself. KK definietly needs those onsies winter overalls and Nikh needs a second winter flight suit. I need to check and see if his jackets from January  2010  still fit.

That was the mall. KK slept the whole time. In that way she is lovely.  Manga-manga-ring with her is a possibility. I bought a pair of work-out shorts cause you know I am going to start working out.  Then I stopped by the only shop which has jeans that fit my thighs and was disgusted at how jiggly my thighs are. That mirror in that changing room scared me. It was after that that I swung by the sports shop to get the workout shorts.. weeeh.. jiggly is not acceptable.  Oh then I saw my tummy. In that mirror at that shop. Mpaka I am wondering about my mirror at home which is not showing me all these things that I saw today.

I have stretch marks from carrying KK. I never got them with Nikh. They are not many nor unsightly. Infact they don’t really bother me that much. I wear them as a badge of honour.. bwana, I have carried 2 children, wonderful, beautiful children. My body has not let me down during the process. I am a fertile specimen.. that is what my stretchmarks symoblise to me… it was just a shock to see them in that lighting that’s all 🙂 and my tummy.. lets just say that mirror in that shop.. wacha tu. Tomorrow I have to carry out a cricital assesment of my body using my mirror under good lighting conditions. I have been planning on having nude professional photos of myself done.

Now pick up your jaw from the floor. Don’t go nuts thinking porno or anything like that… just tasteful nudes. Have one every year to document my changing aging body. Hubby thinks I am NUTS to even consider it. Me I think it is a good idea. There is nothing like a nude photo to show you exactly how you look. I do not recommend it for people in denial about thier bodies.. 🙂 I know the shop where I will have it done, I just have not plucked enough courage to go in and ask. I wanted to do pregnancy shots but again.. my courage failed me.

So that is me and us.

have a smashing weekend.


PS: KK is developing habits like her big brother.. this business of the only place to fall asleep in on mummy or next to mummy anything else is upuzi. I am not liking this.

About the Alias. When I first joined facebook I joined under an alias because I did not know what it was and I could not pre-view  without joining.. so Missy Elliot was born. I stayed with the fake name and was glad to keep it.

After KK was born we got a gift from Big Al’s workmate. The card was addressed to Big Al and Missy Elliot. I was like.. what the heck. Obviously the person incharge of buying the gift and sending the card does not know my name and someone must have said.. oh check his facebook, lo and behold, his wife is called “Missy Elliot” don’t bother facebooking me.. .. read on and find out why.

 After laughing it off and realising that Danes have no clue who Missy Elliot is I decided change to my real name.. well sorta. I have not officially taken on Big Al’s name. Mynew facebook profile name is my real first name and Big Al’s surname

Since then the  very thing I had been avoiding by use of a fake name has happened. Folks crawling out of the woodwork asking to be my friends and blowing up my numbers and no, i just cannot say no! it’s rude.

meanwhile i will not b ur friend if u do not have pics… fair is fair come look at mine only if i can look at yours  you voyeur!

It’s official

My first cigarette: 2nd year of university. A and I decided to see what S&M was all about. We did not know one was supposed to inhale. I just held the smoke in my mouth and blew out. Thought I was being so cool. Tried it one more time at home and decided I did not know what the fuss was about. It is only years later I found out one is supposed to inhale the smoke into your lungs.. I was like “wtf”

My first kiss: 2nd year university: Afraid of dying a virgin I decided that I would let D kiss me since he had been making advances all the time. By then I had been been reading romance novels (harlequins, Mills&Boons etc) for forever so I knew what it involved just had never experienced it. He was ok.. but nothing like being told “you’re stiff like ice relax a little”.. (I remember the ice comment.. oh yes I do!!! thats why he never made it to boyfriend category 🙂 jamaas take note here.

My first time: None of y’alls business. 🙂

My first alcoholic drink: When I started dating Big Al. Prior to that I had tasted and sipped at alcoholic drinks all my life (my folks used to throw some good parties when they were still talking to each other and alcohol flowed in plenty) but never had like a glass or so. I think it was on our second date;  Big Al cooked and provided wine whereafter half a glass of wine I was high like a kite. Big Al says I came on to him big time. Me I do not remember coming on part. I think I just talked a lot 🙂 and I already talk a lot so it must have been like marathon talking.

So what is official.

Let me start at the begining.

Last year after I joined the ladies group (which I have since dis-joined) I noticed that after my usual half glass of wine, my throat would start itching like crazy. Prior to that I usually had my half glass of wine about once every 2 months or so. So you see, I have never been a drinker. Beer.. I don’t even begin to understand what folks taste in it. So after 3 meetings I figured, I could not do wine anymore cause the itching got worse. Then I got pregnant and alcohol was a no go.

A few weeks ago on our anniversary Big Al cooked and supplied red wine. I was cautious. I sipped it and 10 secs later the itches begun. Ok.. so obviously my body wants nothing to do with alcohol. At first I thought it was because of pregnancy hormones.. but obviously not.

Today I went shopping and got myself 4% alcoholic  apple cider cause I was just dying for cider. I usually drink one which is 0.4% alcohol without any drama. After 2 gupls.. not sips but gulps, my throat went into spasmic itchy shock. My ears begun to itch like nuts. Then as I was changing KK’s diaper I looked into the mirror and my left eye was completely bloodshot. Panic.

Big Al is away on work issues. I have both kids to myself. My in-laws live an hour away, my throat is all red and I am breaking out in some funny kind of looking boils on the left side of my body..Panic.

I calmed myself down, drunk a tumbler of water and a whole glass of juice. Theory; flush the alcohol out of my system and watched the eye. It is less red now. My throat is no longer itching violently. The boil looking things are not so itchy.

Need I spell it out….It’s offical.. I am allergic to alcohol.

No big loss.

Now if it was cake.. this post would have a whole different tone.

Have an alcohol free day.

Moving forward

Today is a good day because today I set aside my fear and get on with living my life.

This is my life.

This is what I have and I am going to work with what I have to achieve my dreams.

I know life will sometimes throw me unexpected curve balls, but that’s alright. Been there, stayed there, wallowed there, got out, moved on, got hit again, but I am still up and running. So fuck you for trying to think you can keep me down again. I am up and running again and watch me fly.

Since I love lists and to-do action plans. (I love them! They give me a sense of control and the feeling that I am progressing towards something cause every so often I cross things off my lists and I feel like Superwoman 🙂

Here is my to-do lists:

Very Short-term to-do /To be done list (by 10th August)

  • Pay the dentist bill today
  • finish tidying up the library/office and clear out that box of baby clothes into the plastic box
  • find a permanent home for the clothes in the boxes
  • sweep the garage and make sure things are away from potential water leak
  • put all books that are in cardboard boxes into suitcases
  • finish the list of all the decorative stuff we need for the  house so that we can budget for what we need
  • buy legs for the box mattress
  • buy the baby pram and clean the baby car seat (like pronto) stop fiffing around on this
  • buy the grass cutting machine (we are the only house on the road that has a garden looking like a jungle… I am not even joking
  • Start ticking things off the list on the fridge

5 Month Goal (deadline Jan 31st 2011)

  • Finish the business plan FINISH IT. ( i don’t know where to start or end….. FINISH IT. You went to school, you know how to research stuff. Finish it. Period
  • Loss all the pregnancy weight – goal is 73kgs. As of today 20th July 2010 I weigh a whopping 95kgs. Pre-pregancy weight was 78kgs
  • Finish the buiness plan
  • Find out about that course … just find out.. nobody said I have to join it.. just get all the details then you can decide what to do next ok.. just find out.
  • Spend 1 hour everyday reading something in danish and write it out. (I swear to God the goals I set myself.. but fuck.. this I have to do if I want to get what I want.. . shit… I already don’t even want to do it.. but I gotta do it..

 So there you have it.

Recorded on cyber space for all and sundry to witness.

Let the crossing begin.


A strange thing happened in the process of renovating our house. I found out that I love art and not just any art but the real thing.  I found out that I have a collectors soul.

I trace my love for art back to high school. By the end of first term of form one, I knew that I did not have the talent. Back then we did about 15 subjects then by form 3 you dropped five and remained with ten. Art was one of those I dropped with a quickness, however that never stopped me from going to the art room where various pieces displayed for our viewing pleasure. I was always drawn to charcoal/pencil drawings and paintings of humans (or whatever the official name is). Abstract paintings and still life do absolutely nothing for me.

There are a lot of art galleries here in Århus and to be honest I am not drawn to a lot of the stuff. I am very drawn to art depicting Africans and that I found in plenty in Nairobi. I went to a few art shops in Nairobi… nope I did go to any galleries because I don’t know any. I found lots of interesting paintings.. which at some point in my life I will be able to afford. The cheaper pieces were not “one of a kind” which is what I really was after, a one of a kind piece (true snobbish behaviour)… I don’t know why but I don’t want to have pieces that everyone has). I will admit I did by some of the mass produced ones, but at least here they will stand out.

I do know that one day when I do have more disposable income art especially East African art is going to be my thing.

Here are a few that I like albeit they are mass produced.. I am sure some of you have seen them all over the net

(sorry, the site is not allowing me to copy the pics)… so here is the link. http://www.wak-art.com/prints.htm enjoy! And if you google african art.. there is a lot you will find.

I am back!!!!!

 True to my word, I said I would be back around June 🙂

I am back in more ways the one. The man, child and I were away in Nairobi and Kampala for a total of six weeks. We got back a couple of days back.

Do I have stories or what. While away I had a lot of time on my hands but not babysitter so it was next to impossible to get time to dash off to the local internet cafe and blog. Everywhere I went little boy went too.

So what was my trip like. Where do I even start. I have been cataloguing my thoughts and experiences trying to create some sense of order before I blog. Unfortunately those that weigh heaviest on my mind are the very ones I cannot blog about due to thier personal nature to others.

I will say this though. Never ever did I think I would look forward to coming back to Denmark, but I did. I actually was ready to come home after one week. The reasons are legion, the feeling consistent. Even now when I look back and try to put everything in place, I still feel the same. Shoulda never taken such a long trip. 

My family both in Uganda and Kenya were good and not good. Oxymoron, I know, but it was such. Life has a way of taking you by surprise and then beating you down like you never thought and keeping you there.  Even though I heard one of those preachers on “Family TV” say  “every problem has an expiry date” I was like.. “I’m not too sure about that.”

I never knew how someone else’s unhappiness could just BOG YOU DOWN. Never before have I felt the need to “run away from misery”. That’s the best way I could put it.  And there ain’t nothing like trying to solve a problem that money can’t solve. Seriously, yeah you thought money was everything. Hello rude shock!  I met that problem that even money can’t handle. I saw how life can beat you down and keep you down for almost 4 years and still keep at it. I saw how one can be alive, laugh, cry, talk and still not be “there” or to use Oprah speak “be missing from one’s own life” due to a beating from good old life. I saw how hope and faith can keep one alive and “present” but just barely. I saw how rock bottom is not just for an instant, it can be years in happening.

So my trip was good and bad. It was hard to see that aspect of my family to see them fighting hard to stay happy and find some semblance of joy in this life we call world. That was very very hard and harder was accepting the fact that “there ain’t nothing I can do about this, and I owe it to me, my hubby, my son and them to be happy.

So that was my trip in a nutshell.

Like I said, I have a lot on my mind so I will be blogging.

Things I wanna talk about

  • The Kenyan/Ugandan man
  • The Kenyan/Ugandan woman
  • Are there any happy/satisfied Kenyans/Ugandans in a stable relationships. (for real, I am not even joking)
  • Is money the be end of all in Kenya
  • How long do “bad spells” of life last? and is it really about one’s attitude when facing a problem or are all those pshycoanlysts and positive thinkers full of shit. At this point in my life, the tv show “House” really gets to me because House’ life and emotions come a bit too close to home.
  • Where and who is God in Kenya/Uganda
  • You are all being conned by stupid pentecostal preachers (I just might join them seeing as people really like giving money)
  • I am now a FIRM believer in the separation of church and state. (that whole constitution thing in kenya and peoples views and religion. God save Kenya)
  • The concept of “home” after marriage, marriage and kids and after divorce.

like I said, many blog posts to come gotta run.


PS. my trip confirmed one thing. I got it made:  for real folks, I got it made!


Happy new year! About time I showed faced.

I hope the first 8 days into 2010 have been good for you so far. If not, hang tough it’s just the begining.

Mine has not started out as hot as I had hoped. I have been sick throughout the holidays and trying to get back to full speed. I think I need a trip home. Seriously. Said that to hubby today. Maybe all this ick, yuck, flu, sijui what headaches etc are all a sign that I need to go home and recharge my batteries.

The thought has me feeling really buoyed up, so watch this space, you might be reading a post coming from a place near you. Hehehe, just had to use that line.

Otherwise sina mengi, I am very restless in my soul and it’s a horrible feeling. Nothing satisfies or brings joy. I mean, this is the same chick who went window shopping and saw some really cheap cheap t-shirts at Espirit and left cause “i just don’t feel like opening my purse and getting the money out”. I am a bit low in the spirit and it’s compounded by this flu, sijui what the heck it is that I just can’t shake off.

On an off note, I was telling hubby that I am the grumpiest patient I know. When I am ill, the whole world needs to stop and feel sorry for me. I am miserable and withdrawn. I was joking saying if I ever get a terminal illness, one thing he will not be saying about me is “she fought her illness with courage and always had a smile” It will be more like “about time she kicked the bucket, got tired of hearing how misreable she felt” 🙂

As you can see this post is going nowhere.

So tada folks

PS: I have about 5 draft posts sitting. Was thinking of putting one of them up…..