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I’m jamming and having one heck of a time..Enjoy


Strange things

I have a new obsession, ok perhaps obsession is too strong a word,  “a strong liking for” would be more appropriate:

Jay Z is my new love. It all started like this. First I heard from a facebook friend about his new CD and how it had sold sijui how many copies on it’s debut. I was intrigued. Who is this rapper people are still listening to. That generation of rappers is gone; was my thought. I mean, who listens to P. Diddy anymore or LL. Cool J, si they are old news. Then Oprah had him on her show, her magazine and I was like.. “kwani.. this man” So off to Youtube I went and  lo and behold I found a concert he had done.. and so begun my love affair. I am in love, mpaka he is even looking hot! all buff and everything.  Then this weekend I found this other concert on Youtube by Alicia Keys and the last number is “Empire State of Mind! Yanniiiiiiiiiiii me I was in heaven. I have been bobbing my head like an idiot, singing about New York like I live there… truth be told, when she sings New York, I am busy screaming “Nai” (aka Nairobi)


 Before Koffi Olomide blew up, Dad, Step-mom and I used to go to which ever beach he would be playing at. Back in the day when akina Tabu Ley and Mbilia Mbel  used to come and play at Bomas of Kenya, we were there. Si those count as concerts ama 🙂

Been to Miriam Makeba (RIP) when she was in Ug in the nineties. I have never been to an international star’s concert. Never made it to Shaggy’s concerts all the times he was in Ug. Either I was in Nairobi or out of East Africa at the time. Tina Turner is my all time favourtie. I am not big on music so it’s not something I invest in, but I do enjoy it. I own two CD’s and two DVD’s by Tina Turner. That shows how much I love her cause I hardly buy music. It’s like this; music or a book guess what comes out tops every time.


Just a Band

Archer once blogged about these guys, that’s how I got to know about them. First time round I was not feeling thier songs but this one, oh la la baby. Just touches me in all the mushy places of my soul. It’s a sweet sweet song and the video is totally plus. Reminds me of  Freshly Ground’s Pot Belly love

Watch, enjoy and support

I am over at Youtube watching music videos, having my own little disco party.

Oh and if you have not been by YayeMarie’s you all need to stop by. She has some lovely stuff going on there.

Quick hit

found these guys tonight. Take a look and be entertained.

hot like faya!

If I could do like she do, her in the white pants.. baby I would be hot  hot! off to practice

(now let’s hope this works)





and then there is the other version which is more like I do.

Johnnie baby!

John Legend does it for me. Totally totally.

I’m feeling lousy. I’m sick. We’ve been sick. I got it last. It sucks, I’m unbalanced. My head is swimming, my stomach squeezes and churns. i hate being sick. Then John Legend and I’m in love!

Yayemarie did a feature spot on “Freshly Ground’s” Zolani  and since then I am hooked. Youtube them.

And while you are there, check out some of my favourites

Letta Mbulu’s Nomalizo

Mafikizolo’s Emlanjeni and Mathsokoze

Iryn Namubiru’s Obasinga

John Legend’s Must be the way

Freshly Ground’s Nomvula

Eric Wainaina’s Mwana leta Pesa (can’t wait for his new album. PS. Nikh loves him, he gets back from daycar and says.. Mummy, Eric… Eric.. and so we pop in the DVD and get some Eric)

Those are just a few of my favourite songs.

John Legend’s good! i had forgotten.


PS: I have been real hopless at responding to a number of comments made on previous entries.. so (in my best celeb breathless voice) I love you all, I know that without you, my readers, this blog would be nothing (you wish), and thank you from the bottom of my heart of supporting me all these years. Mwah mwah mwah. Love y’all.


Mwari… where are you???? Najua internet is now up and running! hope you´re good!