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The madness that is Dansk Folke Party

I promised there would be no mention of politics on this blog after my disatorous political dribble about 2 years ago and I have pretty much kept that promise.

Tonight though I must break from my promise to rant about the madness of Dansk Folk Party.

A few facts about the party which is pretty much an extreme right wing party.

  • It is the third largest political party in Denmark
  • It is led by a woman called Pia Kjærsgard but the brains behind the party is some guy whose name I forget.


Lifted from thier website they say

  •  “The country is founded on the Danish cultural heritage and therefore, Danish culture must be preserved and strengthened
  • Denmark is not an immigrant-country and never has been. Thus we will not accept transformation to a multiethnic society

More about the party can be found here.

A lot of what they state as thier mandate  would apply to any country until you listen to the propaganda they peddle in the guise of “protecting Denmark and her independence”.

In my humble opinion this party peddles “fear of all that is foreign or foreigners” in order to garner votes. They do it well and very effectively. 

The reason for this rant is that I have just turned off the TV after watching a RIDICULOUS debate between Dansk Folk party and Venstre Party ( the party in power) about a new rule. Currently any Danish citizen wishing to marry a non-Dane must be 24 years old or older. This, says Dansk Folk party was  in order to stop forced marriages among the foreign/immigrant communities (read muslims) in Denmark and allow women in these communities to finish thier education. So essentially if you are below 24 years of age, are a Dane and wish to marry a non-Dane, you may do so but your spouse will not be eligible to live or come to Denmark. Ones choice is therefore to  wait till you are 24 or marry and live in another country. When they passed this law I guess they did not think of all the Danes who wanted to marry Americans, Brits, Australians etc…

Today they are proposing that the rule be change to 28 years of age HOWEVER a DISPENSENTION will be offered to Danes wishing to marry citizens of  western nations such as America, Australia and UK because THEY have an easier time intergrating into Danish society as opposed to nationals of non-developed countries.

Two words


I do not know why I am even bothering to be bothered. Surely by now I should be past this kind of stuff.  It bothers me because I think to myself what chance does my son have in this country which is so AGAINST all things non-Dane.. or should I say non-aryan.

It bothers me that the party actually has young members.

It bothers me.

But here is the thing, I can understand why the party is the third largest in Denmark.  Having  returned from home about 4 weeks ago, things are still fresh in my mind and I gotta tell you this. Danes have it good. Believe it or not, Danes have it really cushy.

Free health care.. as in totally free, free school, free university, good infrastructure, a very small gap between rich and poor and things work in this country.  Now take it from me. I have lived in England and it is better than England. I therefore do understand why they want to protect what they have and so would any country. It is true that they have never been an immigrant country and have built what they have themselves. But and it is a big but the world is shrinking and as much as Dansk folk party wants to remain insular and purely Denmark they cannot. In the 1960s they invited immigrant workers to come because they did not have enough workers. There is still a shortage of skilled and unskilled labour and they do open thier doors to so called approved immigrant workers. It is inevitable that the world is becoming a melting pot and Denmark cannot and will not avoid it. Instead Dansk Folk party tries to bury thier head in the sand and creat fear of all things foreign.

I know that this problem is not particular to Denmark. American has it with its Mexican immigration issues. France, Italy and Germany has it with illegal immigrants from Africa, Australia has with Asian immigrants. Kenya has it with Somali immigrant, Uganda has it with Congolese etc etc.. I could go on forever .. so it is nothing new.

What makes Denmark stand out.. that they make their BLATANT discrimation LAW and that for me is crosses a certain line.

Africa Oyeh!

Just finished reading bits and pieces of “New Vision”-One of Uganda’s daily papers and I am completely and utterly jaded! like fu*k that!


Because everything is so bloody dismal. Just plain depressing, sad, sickening, poor , dying dead!

I used to be “Africa’s” Number One fan. Nothing was too wrong, too sad, too corrupt etc etc about “home”. “Just give it time” was my mantra “look at how well Kenya is doing, see how far Uganda has come”. I was a die hard believer in our people and continent.

These days there’s just a big blah feeling in my mouth and soul about “home”.

I no longer watch the news too avidly. No longer read “home” newspapers daily. I generally don’t give a shit.

Even about political stuff here. I don’t care.

Apathy has paid a visit and seems like she’s here to stay and I don’t really mind.

Now I just care about my family and trying to make a GOOD living in this world.

Everything else is just plain irrelevant. I looked at my circle of influence and figured that everything else was just bogus.

And I feel free!!!!!

I know I promised but I cannot be quiet.

I am hurt and hurting by the falling apart of Kenya. I have been talking and reasoning with myself, trying to grapple with the matter in the end I have come to the following conclusion.

I am hurt because the place I call home, the place I have been proud of, the people of whom I once said “Kenyans can’t have war, they have seen it around them and they have too much to loose” is falling apart. The beast of carnation and death has been unleashed and now cannot be reigned in. His rule of terror and bloodshed will last a while longer but eventually will end. Its the “while longer” that troubles me.

I spoke to mum today and asked her if she planned on relocating to our shags if the area where she lives gets dangerous. She was hesitant and said.. “Shags is safe, lakini, if things get bad here, I cannot leave the house unmanned. If it is empty they would destroy it”. I understand where she is coming from but at the same time I want her safe.

The threat of war does not really trouble me. Wars come and go, it is part of life. My surviving relatives in Uganda are testament to the fact that war has its survivors and that not everyone has the opportunity to be a refugee some place some where. The death of many innocents does not trouble me as much, again, it is part of life and if I was to start moralising about the evils and unfairness of life, I would be here a long time. What seems to be bothering me is the WHY of it all. WHY are so many people willing to have bloodstained hands. WHY are people willing to LIVE the rest of their lives with that stain. WHY and HOW does this SHETANI of war and murder get into EVERYDAY people’s minds and convince people it’s ok to go and kill so and so because he is luo, kikuyu, kisii, kalenji….etc etc.

Ethnic pride.. I understand, what I do not understand is when we cross a barrier into “we are better than them, they should die”. We have seen it in Rwanda, the pot is currently cooking in Uganda, I see it here in Europe in the guise of Extreme Right wing parties.

Perhaps it is human nature, the balance of things, that humans kill themselves in the name of whatever “ism” catches their fancy.

It is the rule of leaders and the law the supposedly keep things in check. Keep the beast leashed, until a time when he is ready to be unleashed to wreak his havoc.

Just a while longer and Kenya shall be ok… the question here now is HOW LONG.

Do I believe that there will be healing between the waring tribes. Not in my lifetime. I don’t see how. I don’t think it is a class, money or disparity thing anymore. I think our turn as a Nation has come and we have to ride this one out.

To the ODM leadership: I watched Odinga’s speech today on BBC. Mr. Odinga, your speech was okayish at best. My one criticsm is this. Why can you and your party not wait for things to settle. What do you loose in waiting two three months for tempers and hearts to cool. Why do you use such inciting words like “stolen” “rightful” murdered?
To PNU leadership: President Kibaki: If ODM has said they want peaceful demonstrations, let them do it. Let them have their rallies: And while you are at it. Why have you not called for a curfew in the whole of Kenya. People should be home by 7.00pm. Why have you not deployed your army to the areas with madness. Mzee, Kazi imkushinda?

Oh Lord?!

I want to blog other stuff… but the political stuff just keeps getting in my way. After my last post, I PROMISED myself that I WILL NOT BLOG POLITICS.

Thus I hereby pledge not to be anywhere near WORDPRESS when I READ, HEAR OR SEE stuff about  CURRENT KENYAN POLITICS on the news. More importantly, I PROMISE TO VENT at the TV or in the BATHROOM.

But before I go my last word about politics is……… …………

Those people at ODM… all of them…. EVERYONE OF THEM is STUPID.


I watched the BBC interview of Raila and I have to say that the idiot is danda. How the fuck is he going to ask for the West to withhold AID. I am not a fan of AID, however our economy relies on IT and once withdrawn it will RAM the common man so hard. Things are already thick and we do not need it. To ask for that is to take the country down the Zimbabwe path even though he said that is what they are preventing.

RAILA does not care. Yes election was stolen big deal. Even Bush rigged elections but did the country fall apart???

RAILA is a power hungry idiot, willing to drive his country to the ground. DOES he honestly think Kibaki and co give a shit??? Why call for riots when things are still so tense. HE KNOWS it will be chaotic. Kwani what kind of strategists do they have. Are they all STUPID?

Someone needs to shoot the man already.

And yes I am aware of the agrument that KENYA cannot go back to how it was before. In the same breath I give you IRAQ during Saddam and IRAQ post Saddam. You decide.

Thing is ODM is fighting the GOV’T and they stand to lose whichever way you look at it. If Kibaki agrees to ati STEP down, he will have WRITTEN HISTORY. And we KNOW that is not going to happen.

I need to blame someone so I am going to blame ODM and Odinga. and first of all, he is not even articulate…. Idiot! YEAH I said it, now what?

I am this fucking pissed AND I AM SITTING IN DENMARK! I cannot imagine what it is like for those in Kenya. Poleni sana.

Kenyan Chaos, Ugandan probs

I am supposed to be in Nairobi at this very minute. Actually, I was supposed to have flow in on 31st Dec… but y’all know what happened.

I have been angry, scared, and looking for someone to blame for all this chaos. I know it is completely un-pc for me to start naming names and saying stuff, since a whole load of you will come back at me with “you don’t even live here”…….do I care! Like everyone else I have an opinion and the right to state it! Afterall this is my space so I can say what I wanna say. Tough if you don’t like it.

The chaos in Kenya has had rippling effects here in Ug. We have no fuel. The number of cars on the road has reduced substancially. Fuel prices have rocketed beyond. Normally a liter of petrol goes for UGX 2350 =USD 1.38. As of yesterday some stations were selling a liter at UGX 10,000 =USD5.09 PER LITER. The good news on the radio today was the the UG army together with the Kenyan one are escorting 155 lorry tankers of petrol to the country. So we are all holding our breaths. If this goes on for another 3-4 days, then the rippling effect will be hard felt.

My folks are out shopping today for lots of dried food, tomatoe paste etc. The electricity turbines at the dam run on fuel, once thier stocks run out, no electricity for us. It has been on radio etc etc…. Most people are kinda like ok cause we have been through this before and know how to weather it!

I am pissed. I have less than 10days before I return. I bought one of those tickets that does not allow for changes (ok….so I will find out for sure on Friday if I can make changes). On 20.12.07 I bought 2 return tickets to Nairobi. Of course I have not used them yet. The airline company has agreed to extend it for one month. I have to travel to Nairobi to see mum and for her to see her first grandchild. If I do not travel, I do not know when we will see her again. The other option is for her to come her, that is our last option due to the financial implications of it. It will mean a hotel stay for her etc etc….

So I am rightly pissed at the political parties who seem to care more about winning than peace and stability. I don’t buy the whole demorcary at whatever cost. Odinga pissed me off so much mpaka, if I was allowed to vote, I would not vote for him ever. Him and his party needed to have come out STRONGLY and urged thier MAURAUDING idiots to stop thier nonsense, instead he is only saying ati “Kenya is in a state of mourning ” IDIOT, TUMBAVU. Then Kibaki, what’s up?? Kwani you can’t say anything, YOUR SILENCE is just as DAMING. Nyinyi wawili TUMBAVU!

So I am pissed because this shit has directly touched my life. I want to scream.

Poleni to those who have lost people in this mess. Poleni to all of you who are having to live through the uncertainity and fear.

Peace love and Unity. One kenya, one people!!!!

Out of the mouth of an “idiot” aka Vice President

The article following below is from the Sunday Vision

10.12.06(Ugandan local newspaper)

You decide for yourself. I am not sure how factual his statement is, lakini is sounds like hogwash and stupidity at it’s atmost. And to think this is the second-in-command in Uganda… what hope is there for us?

PS. posho is the name for Ugali in Uganda, also known as maize meal.

Ban posho, says VPBy Fortunate Ahimbisibwe

VICE-President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya has criticised the use of posho (maize meal) as a staple dish in schools.

Bukenya, who was on Thursday meeting MPs from the upland rice growing areas urged that the eating of posho in schools be outlawed.

“Maize floor contains mainly carbohydrates for muscle-building, but undermines the development of the children’s brains,” said Bukenya at the cabinet library in Kampala.

He said maize was introduced in the country in 1934 from South America and was used to feed prisoners to strengthen them to do manual labour as well as weaken their brains.

“Why have we continued weakening our children’s brains?” Bukenya asked.

The Vice-President said there was need to identify foods with nutrients that will enhance mental development.

“Rice contains the essential minerals for brain development, more than what you get from most of the other foods and vegetables,” he said.

Bukenya said maize degraded soil quickly, as its roots allow water to easily seep through.

He encouraged MPs to promote upland rice growing, which he said could boost household earnings, contribute to family food security and improve family nutrition, especially in rural areas.

Posho and beans became the staple dish in many boarding schools in the 1970s during the economic slump that followed Idi Amin’s expulsion of Asians.

Posho was found to be a lot cheaper and much easier to prepare than local foods like bananas which have to be peeled.

As the country’s economy continued to plummet in the 1980s, posho became a staple in most homes in Uganda, a situation compounded by the outbreak of diseases that attacked bananas and cassava crops.