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Feeling Sexy baby!

I was at Nappturality.com reading a thread that asked, ” what does sexy mean to you” and  ” what would you ladies/guys describe as looking/feeling sexy”

That got me thinking. The first word that came to mind when defining sexy ala Mrembo was CONFIDENCE and a certain comfort/ease with one’s body. .

As for the description of looking/feeling sexy: I feel sexy when I am feeling “here I am world see me roar” When I feel like I fit my body and my body is cooperating with me.  (that does not make sense does it). I feel sexy when I am bathed, oiled, feeling comfortable in my clothes and my tummy is tight. Tight tummy brings my sexy out with a quickness. I could be wearing hubby’s sweat pants and a huge jumper and still feel sexy.

Sexy underwear under buggy clothes ALWAYS makes me feel sexy. The idea that under all the grubbyness is some divinity just brings my sexy out with a bang!

Looking sexy to me is all about swagger and very little to do with clothes. (as you can see once again.. clothes don’t mean that much to me) but then again the right fit in clothes is important and cleanliness.

So to sum it up. Sexy is confidence, clean, swagger and underwear lol

Have a sexy day!

Rated R

I am bored. This is never a good thing for me. Never ever. See I am full of enegry, boundless energy and the need to constantly be occupied or doing something is innate. My son is like that. An energy bomb. I totally understand him and I think that is why we get a long so well. I have been working abit too hard here in the house, cleaning, clearing and throwing away stuff  so much so that my body decided to remind me to slow down by giving me a melt down yesterday. Not fun at all. So today I have done absolutely nothing. The living room is a mess. My bed remains unmade, I have dishes in the kitchen… just writing about it makes me want to get up and do something. But I won’t because when Big Al comes home later today, we are having a nice barbeque and I intend to be full of energy and spirit. The house ain’t going nowhere now is it?

Linked to this boundless energy is a short attention span. Yup.. mine manifests itself in tiring of things easily and right now it is reading. I am sick and tired of Vampire/shapeshifting romance novels. Blah blah blah. The first few I read were new and exciting now it’s all so boring. And for those of you not in the know.. there is a new genre of romance novels out there called romantica. A fusion of erotica and romance. Yes I have read loads and loads… uh you didn’t know that about me now eh 🙂 I am freaky like dat!

There is a ton of rubbish romantica and there is only so much “his manhood was as big as a wrist and she could hardly get her hand around it and wondered if it would ever fit ” I can read before it all becomes boring. At the end of the day, the story, character development, relationship development has to be “tight” for the love scene to add spice to the story. Many writers seem to think that the sex scene makes up for the lack of plot and skill… nope it does not! That said, I am bored with all the romantica. I just want a nice tidy, long romance novel which will leave me weeping with joy and sadness. One classic I love and read at least once a year “Whitney my love” BUT my absolute absolute FAVORITE ROMANCE novel of all time has to be “the shadow and the star”…  I just sigh when I think of that book. I read it at least twice a year.  uh.. that is a lovely book.. the restraint, the comehither, the love dance. Sigh!

Anyway I digress from the main point of this blog. I was over at Oprah’s and saw this. All sorts of ideas started popping up in my head and one of them was my famous LISTS. More of a “bucket list of things to do with Big Al or to him” lol… I am blushing. All sorts of naughty stuff. And yes I have learned of a few things from all those romantica novels I have been reading.

To leave you with a line I read.. which just had me dying of laughter.. still cracks me up when I think of it…It goes something to the effect

“”his penis was calloused from hard use.”

say it with me… eeuuwww!!

On my mind

Heartwarming is …. unsolicited, spontaneous kisses form Nikh (my son) when he is super dupper happy with his mommy.

Heartwrenching is …..him crying his heart out when I dropped him off at daycare today. He just was not feeling it.. and has not been for past 2-3 weeks.

Triumph is… walking out of the “eat-all-you-can” restuarant after having a normal sized portion plate of food.

Agony is…. waking up 3 times in the night to clean up puke because baby is sick. my poor poor baby!

Frustration is …. being horny and hubby unable to carry out his husbandly duties because he is as sick as Nikh

Utter frustration is….. being horny and having horny dreams and not getting some cause .. well He is sick.. and I don’t really wanna get sick either.

Proud is….. seeing your husband ran his first EVER 5 km race after just 18 days of training and finishing in 37min 37sec. Yup.. total hero of mine.

Funny is …..hubby seeing me this morning in my “house work dress” and saying, “you have to throw out that dress it is so ugly”..(yup it went out). I laughed my head off. Yes it was ugly, but it was for housework ala!

Demanding is …..me telling hubby “I want big romantic gestures from you, diamonds and flowers”. He looks at me and laughs, pulls me into his arms and says ” I do romantic things for you everyday, I tell you how beautiful you are, (can’t tell you the rest) .. and wash the dishes” Me: “Washing dishes does not count, that’s every day stuff. I want  jewlery, flowers, candles, lights, I’m in the mood for big ROMANTIC GESTURES” Him: “shit, I could just go out and pay someone to get laid, don’t have to put up with all these demands” Me: Just you frigging try… ”

Unexplainable is…. my sudden need for that BIG ROMANTIC GESTURE… why the hankering for it.. me don’t know

Eventuality is …. him delievering my BIG ROMANTIC GESTURE lol 🙂

Calm is…. not knowing what is going to happen in a few months time and so not being moved by it all. I am so proud of me..

a person loved is… .. I don’t have the time to say it all but one word suffices…. me


I’m feeling lovey dovey, so kisses to all of you.

Naughty stuff

Why I am telling you this.. I don’t know.. guess I just want you to smile.

I’m on some medication and will be on it for some time. Nothing major. Got a letter from the doctor a few days ago and results were fine and dandy.

The medication has a number of side effects. One of which is a crazy tingling feeling in the limbs. Remember I mentioned it here. Turned out that is what it was. I had just started the stuff and had not made the correlation.

The other side effect can go two ways. One is up the other is down.. for me it is up. How did I know this, while cruising the web looking for more info about the drug I am on, I found a support group forum for people on it and read through it.

My libido is off the charts. The other day I asked Big Al after revealing a few things to him about my current situation, which by the way he is ABSOLUTELY loving. As  far as he is concerned if I can be on this medication for life… he will not be complaining.

so I said to him “Is this how men think about sex all the time.. cause I have sex on the brain non-stop and it is bloody exhausting” He smiled and nodded “yup.. that is how it is for guys”. I was like dang!

I’m just glad it is not the other way as in decreased libido. Not even sure that the word libido can be used in relation to women and nope I don’t feel like checking it up

So here is a few tips to all of y’all that are feeling sexy.

Married sex is very good sex. I won’t lie quantity is likely to decrease over the years.. but you GOTTA SPICE it up. ati how you ask me.. JUST GOOGLE ala .. In our house QUALITY has never been an issue.. quantity.. hey,,, show me a married couple that ain’t bitching about quantity.. now if you have probs with quantity and quality.. you got issues baby.. for real

have a sexy read! I know I’m getting some tonight lol :-).


This is an incomprehensive list of my memorable movies and why so:

  • The Secretary : very sexy movie very! James Spader who first caught my attention Boston Legal is amazing in it.
  • A History of Violence : best sex scene ever on film! Hot


and that’s just about it! so yeah.. I got sex on the brain! lol

Let’s talk about sex baby!

I have been wanting to do the post on sex after reading a thread at Mashada that was started by Sanaa (I think she used to have a blog then closed it). The thread was about anal sex.

I laughed, blushed, squirmed, was disgusted, laughed some more, told hubby about the post, we both laughed. I was appalled, freaked out, tickled.. basically it made for good reading and entertainment.

Reading it I drew the conclusion that I am a prude. I could never ever discuss sex the way it was. I will not even give my point  of view on the various sex variations to even my closest friends.

In my world that stuff is for me and hubby to discuss. End of.

anyway.. it as an interesting thread.

What is my take on sex.. none of ya business!

Good night lovely people

The other side

Oh, the other strange thing that has been happening is this.

See there is Mrembo.. this persona you all kinda know. Then there is the other side of me.. that y’all don’t know about and she has been trying to unleash some stuff here.

It involves silly, crazy urges to blog about sex and stuff! 🙂

I am blushing just having said that.

Over at Mashada there was a topic about “to shave or not to shave” (with regards to women). I giggled as I read through the stuff “silly juvenile idots” was what I thought.

Quickly I came over hear to put out my point of view and then bang, I realised what I was writing and was like “hell nah…. can’t do that.

A few people who know me in real life read this blog and I would shock the bejeebers outta them.

So I have to reign in Ms Sexy Thang and pray that this urge to post sexy stuff ends 🙂

Have a fantabulously sexy day whenever you read this! Try and get some too lol! ain’t nothing like good old hot sweaty, toe curling sex!

Now with regards to the Mashada topic “to shave or not to shave” .. I am keeping my mouth firmly and squarely shut!  .

Good night… and nope I am not high,,… that was the other night! lol

lol= laughing out loud