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Just like you I thought my sleep rant days were over. And they are kinda of. I sorta had it under some kind of  control. Going from 6-7 times a night to waking up 3times a night has been a vast improvement for me. Well now those 3 wakings are or have become intolerable. So about a month ago I broke down and visited our local midwives center. I went to get some advice on how to get my guy to sleep through the night.

Ms Midwife broke it down and told me that it was my fault baby (he is not so baby any more) was waking up at night. She continued to say that I am enabling him in his night feeding habits. I simply have to stop. Yes he will cry.. she said. It is only normal. He is expressing his protest. So I returned home with resolve and the weekend that followed I activated the plan. It kinda worked. The first 3 or so nights were hellish, cause he was pissed majorly and he let me and the neighbours know that! Then it kinda went ok.. cause he was waking up once between 11.00pm and 12.00am for a sip of water. The next waking would be around 5.30am.

That’s when trouble begun. Sorry, but I am SOO not going to be starting my day at 5.30am. Nope nope nope. In  winter 5.30am is as dark at 3.00am. Sleep is so sweet at that time. So what did I do, give the boy some milk and we both go back to sleep until some decent time. That was working for me. Now the past 3 weeks he has gone to waking up 3 times and I am like.. eh f.c.K…. shit! what!

So tonight I am back to sleep training and that is why I am going to bed in 3mins. Cause I am tired, it’s 9.27pm and I need to reserve my strength for the night.

Big Al went to bed at 7.45pm. He was seriously sleep deprived due to sleeping late the whole week.. I feel nothing for him cause it is entirely his fault 🙂