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She inspires me kabisa, fashionwise that is.. (how she speaks is another story all together). I don’t always like what she has on but 90% of the time I am like “hot damn, I wanna get me one of those”..so one day.. I did hehehe.. here she is.The black and white outfit is from this year while she is in Spain on holiday and the shorts picture is from last year. Those shorts stirred up such a debat I was like “whaaat, if I had thighs that firm and cellulite free at 43 I would have shorts on 24hrs first lady or not.. wacheni upuzi!!

And below is me.  For the past 4 weeks I have been feeling ugly and fat. See I am not one of those women who glows or is radiant when I am pregnant. Instead I am fat, acne ridden and tired. I have been looking at pics of myself reminding myself that I am hot.

Me: Dec 2009 a few days before I found out I was pregnant with baby no. 2. Weight 76-78kgs


Me: March 2010 about 4.5 months pregnant. Weight: 80something Kgs


Me: August 2010 9 months pregnant. weighing a whooping 95kgs!

Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to having my baby. Infact everytime I feel a twitch or something unusual I am like 😀 finally! I cannot wait to get my body back and I am praying, praying that it behaves like last time. After my first born was born, I lost all the weight in a month. I have been told by the doctor and one of my aunts that it was from breastfeeding. My son was on breast milk and water only for the first5/6 months of his life before I introduced solids. He refused to drink any other milk until I stopped breastfeeding at 16months. Yes, that is how long I breastfed. When I stopped, it took him about a month before he tried cow’s milk or any other milk.

I intend to breastfeed for as long with this one, even when I return to work.
So now you know what I look like :-D. Enjoy for this is the second and last time lol!
(pssst… I am working on learning my way around youtube and editing videos.. when I get the hang of it, and start being more natural on camera as well as get rid of that ka-voice in my head that says “u too ugly to be on youtube” I will holla)
Gotta go clean up.. baba baby came home early and was a bit taken aback at the state of the house. What did I say “serves you right for coming home early” 🙂  Him and little boy are out grocery shopping. Laters  





Beauty lessons with Mrembo

This post was originally done on 19th July then while I was editing it then windows crashed…. you get the drift.

🙂 is how I am today morning. Hope you are feeling the same way and if not 😀

Remember this post I did on aging? remember…

Sometime after that I went off and bought some urembo /beauty products in order to launch my “young and endlessly beautiful regime” that was to last a life time.

Here is my review of the products I have been using since then.

A bit about my skin .. on my face.. not the rest of my body. I have moderate acne.. which sometimes flares up and sometimes behaves.. but I always have 4 / 5  or more spots. I also have dark spots as a result of the acne (hyperpigmentation). I have large pores and oily skin. That’s the summary of my face. Off to the product review.

(PS: because I am a  few weeks away from giving birth to  my second baby, I have not used any of my prescribed medicines since they are not to be used while pregnant or lactating… so for the past 8.5months I have not used them at all)

PSS:  I do not buy the big/normal size products. I buy the ones that come in a set and are usually on sale at very affordable prices.

First up in December 2009 was:

  • Clinique – Even Better Skin tone range


 These were the first two that I started off with. I had seen them in a magazine and there was emphasis under “all skin tones”.  They did absolutely nothing for me. I did not notice any difference in the hyperpigmentation AT ALL. They did not deliver on their promise. The serum which I used morning and night lasted 5 weeks. The moisturiser was a tad oily but ok. But it does nothing for hyperpigmentation. I emptied the jar just this past week.  The positive about the moisturiser was that it did not result in any more additional breakouts and I used it both in UG and Ke without it being overly oily. it has a high SPF which I hear is the holy grail of anti aging products.

  • Shisedo – Pureness Range

So after my clinique serum got finished I went back to the mall. I did not have a plan, was just going to look for a brand. The lady at the Shisedo stand quickly got hold of me sold me her product. I was impressed with her knowledge and bought  (a) Deep cleansing foam, (b) matifying moisturiser-oil free (c) anti shine matifying lotion (d) night moisturizer light – all from the pureness range which the sales lady assured me was for oily skin. (sorry was unable to copy the pictures from their website-use the link if you want to see the products)

What I liked. The cleansing foam has as delicious scent that is not overpowering and gentle scrub beads. (too gentle to be effective if you ask me) The matifing lotion which was step two was lovely, the skin felt softer after using it. The moisturiser is also good. I could use it both in Ke and UG without it being too heavy or oily. No additional breakouts after using. Basically nothing changed.  I used all products until they were finished. The night cream was simply a very small sample I got. I lasted about 2 weeks. I still have the cleanser.. loads.. but the matifying lotion and moisturizer got finished. Overall verdict. I did not notice any difference in my skin in terms of acne or oiliness.  The fact that there were no negative reactions means that they are products I would continue using.

  • Olay – Regenerist

This one was a bad bad purchase.  I have used it a total of four times and it caused my skin to break out and I got  a rash over my whole face. I still have the jar.. if anyone wants to try it.. drop me your address and I will see how to send it to you.  I bought it after a friend recommended it. She says it is working for her. It is a night regenerating cream /anti aging. To be used only at night. The idea is that it rejuvenates your skin during the night and after long -term use your skin looks young blah blah blah.

  • Protex soap – for sensitive skin (the wrapper has pink)

A long story here: I was in Nairobi for 3 weeks, then took off to UG for 2 weeks and returned to Nairobi for another week. While in UG my cleansers  got finished so I  started  using protex for my face and body.I also used a kyangwe on my face every 2 days or so. What is a kyangwe. It’s that body buffer/traditional face towel from a plant.  When I returned to Nairobi, sis and mum complimented me on my skin saying it had cleared and was looking really good. I took a good look in the mirror and realised I was almost without an acne spot. They asked what I had been using and I was like protex followed by my clinique moisturiser and that was it. After that I kept using the protex and have been using it since but my face is back to looking the way it usually does.. I have about 15 ance spots right now. My theory is that is has something to do with the diet while I was there. The main difference was that I ate a lot of chips and sausage , groundnut sauce, matoke and I think less bread and less tea with milk. I drunk loads of water because it was really humid and hot. And that’s about it.

I did buy loads of protex which I brought back with me.. but now I am wanting to concentrate on my diet and see if it makes a difference. I want to cut out the bread  and milk (in tea as well as diary products ) and see what happens. Before I do that I need to come up with a plan to replace all the bread and diary products otherwise I will fail before day one is even over 🙂

So that is my take on my beauty regime. I soon need to find a moisturiser. I am leaning towards clarins since I hear it is one of the best with a high SPF . Any suggestions.

Ageing every day

 Thirty came and went without fanfare or event, so did 31 and likewise 32. Thirtythree is something else though. The term mid thirties has me shaken. I mean when does one cross over from early thirties to mid thirties. Thirtythree is a number I am not so willing to embrace, but embrace I must for everyday I age and will continue to do so. The question now is “how well will I age”

Fabulously baby, fabulously! That is the answer I have decided upon.  Since October I have been looking at ads of all  “virim” (you have to sa y it in Kiswahili.. plural for creams) for the face wondering which one to use to prevent all the signs of aging. I am hesitant to plunge in because there are so many promising youth in a bottle. One part of me tells me those “virims” are not aimed at me the black woman. Crow feet, wrinkles etc  are things that the black woman begins to worry about in her 50´s or there about. I am thinking of all the women in my mother’s and father’s family who by 50 still are without lines on the face. What I have noticed is the loss of elasticity in the skin and that I think is ok. So what to use in the question. And more specifically, what should a woman in her early/mid thirties with moderate acne use? Sometimes I am amazed that at my age I am still battling with acne, its like “ala..when does this shit end”.

When it comes to acne, I am a resource power house. I have done my research juu chini. I know what I will use and what I won’t. A really informative website for black skin is www.brownskin.net  . When it comes to the individual prescription meds I use, I research them individual in relation to thier effect on black skin.  The one thing we black people have to watch out for is hyperpigmentation from acne. That is those black spots left behind after the pimple is gone. I have never used a bleaching agent to get rid of them, but I am seriously thinking of  this product. The thing is this, there is nothing special about this cream. The key ingredient in any skin lightning cream is hydroquinie. In the 1990´s skin bleaching in UG was so popular and one would see horrific results hence my hesitation. When certain family member came home from abroad  my mum and aunt were so disgusted when she tried to pass of her bleaching as “si it’s the weather, the sun is not so bright huko, this is my natural color” The look on mum’s face when she told the story was priceless. “kwani she thinks we are so stupid”

What has worked for me over the years with the dark spots is my prescirption meds cause of how they work. It takes a long long time for the marks to fade but they do, which they normally do naturally, as long as you do not have new acne coming up.

Anyway, I have been thinking of clinique’s Uneven skin tone range. It seems promising also because they seem to have a dedicated range to ance prone skin.  The other under consideration is Murad’s acne range. The only reason holding me back from buying this stuff is the price. NOthing like investing over $ 150 in stuff that does not work. Then again if I am serious about this aging thing, I must do as I must ama? 🙂

Which leads me to the other thing. With me turning 33 and all I have decided to get serious about my dressing. I am a careless dresser.  But with that number hanging over my head, soon to be fitted, I have decided to update my look, which means, new sensible handbag. Going around with a backpack is not a good idea. I need two bags, one that can have Nikh’s and my nik naks, cause he is still young, so things like extra diaper, wet wipes, gloves, hat, my lunch pack  etc and another small one for when I don’t need to have the nik naks. Thing is I have been on the look out for an over the shoulder, funky, hot looking handbag.  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.  Me I will not do those ridiculous big handbags that cannot go over one shoulder. Ati those silly big handbags which sit on the arm and one has to bend thier arm. So not pratical when you have kids. I think I found one yesterday. Expensive as shit but on the list for consideration

Infact to make this post short, let me tell you what I told my hubby. 

My new year’s resolution is to buy all the things of this list by the end of 2010″

That list reads as follows

  • New glasses. my current ones are boring, or rather I am bored of them. Have had them since 2005. Time for an upgrade.
  • 2 leather handbags. I have never owned a leather handbag cause I never could buy the ones I liked.
  • New running shoes, more specifically Nike LagunaAir or something like that. I tried them on and run on the treadmill, baby they were not joking ati it feels like air.  They did not have my size and refered me to Nike.com to get those mass customised ones. Did you know that the difference between men’s running shoes and women’s is that women’s are built narrower since statistically we have narrower feet.
  • Proper running clothes. When I go running most times I have hubby’s  “stay at home” pants which I have hijacked. Poor thing he doesn’t have any more cause I use them for running and cleaning lol
  • Proper hot boots before winter ends
  • A parfum : Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Had a wiff of it some time back and the fact that I have not forgotten the name, means I really like it. Right now I have only two scents. Ever since I got preggers with Nikh, parfums don’t do it for me so much. Through out my pregnancy I could not stand the stuff and for the 16 months that I breastfed I could not stand any parfum on me or anyone. Once I stopped, it’s like my taste changed. I like very very light and airy parfums.
  • A silver toe ring
  • A tatoo
  • Large silver and gold hoop earings.


The list is flexible and subject to editing  🙂

So what does your list look like if you have one. hehehe

nighty night.

Girl or boy that you are

On a lighter note, I have also been working on this post in my head. The post is inspired by a youtube-er I watch. She has a segment she calls “Every Diva should have”.  I will further add “every diva/divo should have”. What she does is show case what she thinks every diva should have. It’s all done in a sprit of fun and laughter and I like.

It got me thinking, “what kind of girl am I”.  I have never been seriously into clothes and fashion, but, but I think I am finally figuring out my sense of style. At 32 imagine that, but I think I am figuring it out. I have never been a girly girly girl. I am more of a “comfort girl”. All things comfy is me. Hence, I do not own a pair of heels, but I did get some boots with a 2 inch heel and they were killing me the first week, lakini I am getting the hang of them.

So what kind of girl am I? As in what do your friends, collegues and family know you for.  After careful thought I came to the conclusion I am an earrings-kinda-girl. I have recieved comments at work about my earings, apparently people notice that I change them a lot. I do not do big, flashy dangling stuff. I do studs, small danglers and own two pairs of hoops, small ones. The silver pair, I bought in Ug while still at University and the gold ones I got for my 30th birthday from Big Al at my request. Other than that, I have lots of “African earings” that I usually buy when I get home, in almost every color. When I got Nikh, I did not wear danglers for a long time, because little babies like dangling things and will pull at your ears. I have about 3 pairs of studs. My oldest being some 8 carat gold earings that I got when In high school, from downtown Kampala.

So what are you known for, it could be bangles, handbags, shoes, hair sytles.. do tell


gotta run

Ugly Beauty

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time but I can’t. I cannot do it justice without hurting people left right and center and much as I would love to let it all out I remember that with freedom comes responsibility.

The post was to be about the person who first told me I was ugly and I believed them. It was to be about how the things said to us as young people shape our lives.

I don’t know how I was aware of it or how it came into my sphere of knowledge but from about 7 years of age I knew I was ugly. Ok so maybe ugly is harsh but all the same I knew I was not pretty like other girls. I had serious buck teeth. I still have a large overbite but not as bad thanks to my mother and my dentist of many years. (I never did the railwaytrack things, we couldn’t afford them)

Perhaps it was in standard 1 when the “Urembo squad” girls teamed up and left me and Z out of the group. We were the only two girls not included in a “squad”. There was the rich girls, the pretty girls then there was me and Z. Or perhaps it was in standard 3 when Mrs T was praising all the girls handwritings and when I quickly jotted something down and asked her how mine was she said it was not as good as Urembo Squad girl no.2. And so it went on throughout primary school. I got acne far before my teens, had blemished teeth due to flourosis, was always the tallest girl in my class. I look back and my heart goes out to the girl me, yet in a strange freakish way, it never bogged me down. I was never depressed but I was needy. I clung to the little morsels of friendship from the Urembo Squad girls. Oh I so badly wanted to belong. But Z stood by me and we were always together. I was mean to a certain girl. Let’s call her D. P had joined my class in standard 5 and had decided to be my friend then comes along D and to me it felt like she was trying to take her away from me.. out came the nastiness. I wasn’t directly nasty to her.. but I was sneaky nasty.  God to be in Standard 5.

  Standard 6 was hellish. For a term or two terms, memory fails me, no one talked to me in class because I somehow managed to piss off Queen Bee. I remember going to school not having a fully equiped set and needing to borrow a protractor from the classmate who sat besides me. She refused to let me use hers, while the maths teacher waited for us all to measure our angles. He then walks over to classmate and takes the protractor from her and gives it to me. She had two. Me begging mum to buy me a set cause no one would lend me stuff. Mum refusing cause she had no money and the set she bought in January was to last the whole year! Standard 6 was one hell of a nightmare. OnlyJ would talk to me and that was after school when she would ring me and tell me how in trouble I was with Queen bee. To this day I remember Queen Bee clearly and wonder what I would say to her if I ever meet her.

Back to being ugly. I accepted I was not good looking and that no boy would be interested in me. So when all the girls were having  boy crushes, I was not bothered because boys did not feature in my dreams. The same attitude carried on to high school. I didn’t go for the prom (social) in form 4 and 6 because I figured that it was better not to go than be benched =not being asked for a dance. I stayed behind with the group of “saved girls” who believed proms were immoral. It was a fucked up mess.. the religiousity of my school.

My first kiss was a nice guy. I let him because he was kenyan and cute and was interested. I knew I was not what he wanted, but I was almost 21 and had never been kissed. Then came this West African dude who wanted me and he was a wanted guy sorta.. but he wanted me and that was just unbelievable.. but I did not want him. He did good for my ego cause he got crushed when I turned him down. It was then that I begun to think that maybe maybe I was not so ugly.. cause if West African guy wanted me.. ..hello.. dude wanted to buy me a mobile phone ..those were the days they cost a fortune. To tell the truth, West African dude kinda signed his own dumpee fate. One day when walking in town he says to me in conversatin “You certainly not the prettiest girl I have seen, you’re ok.. I mean I have seen prettier but you’re ok” and I was thinking “idiot.. you’re trying to get in my pants, the least you could say is that I am the prettiest thing you ever did see.. make me feel wanted” dude signed his fate.

Then between kenyan and West AFrican guy was South African dude. Oh baby! God bless K. God bless that man. For those few weeks he where showered me with his attention he did more for my self worth as a  young woman than anyone could in a hundred years. He was GORGEOUS. He was BEAUTIFUL and he WANTED ME yet he had all these beautiful women around him but for those few days and weeks he wanted me. I knew what he wanted from me and was unable to give it up.. but Lord the man was fine. I heard he still is and guess what he remembers me. K  knows an old friend of mine in passing. They bumped into each other a few years back and he was like “hey you know Mrembo.. how is she” so friend of mine whom I hadn’t spoke to in ages cause she had immigrated called me and was like “what the hell did you do to that man that after all these years he still remembers you”….my ego flew!

Every ugly girl deserves a K in thier lives. The man who will show you that you are desirable that you are woman.

I got lost reminiscing. I got smiles just remembering. I kid you not that man was finer than fine.

and I have completely lost track as to why I started this post. K has me smiling.

I think, that like fine wine I have aged beautifully 🙂 or maybe I am fine with who I am now. Big Al is responsible for a lot of that. Just the other day we were talking and I was telling him (seriously) how for a long time I thought he would call it quits. I couldn’t quite accept that he wanted me and that he found me attractive. But he did and he does and more than any of those guys I have mentioned he made me feel special from the very first time I met him and that’s how I kinda knew that he was the one!

Good night

Ugly or beautiful we are all people wanting to be desired and when you find the one.. oh the magic!

(you wouldn’t believe that a few hours ago I raised my voice in anger at my husband for the very first time. That’s what love does. He is the one person that can piss me off without even trying.. but I love  and like him still)


This post has been in my head for sometime. I do not know how to express exactly what I want to say, so I am just going to go for it.

African has some of the most beautiful women and men I have ever seen. An undistored natural beauty that is not marred by temporary paint or chemical fires administred to the hair.

I miss being around that kind of beauty. One of the most striking men I have ever seen was a West African man who lived in Uganda. (I remember him because I had seen him around with his white wife and thier children). What struck me about this man was his color. He was black as midnight and contrasted against his wife’s paleness it was rather jarring. The first few times I never saw him up close. . One day while at the airport I saw him and I almost fell inlove. The man was/is beautiful. Pleasing to the eye. I have never forgotten him.   (just had to get that out of my system). I say this to remind myself that Africans are beauty because the latest images I saw of Ugandans on Danish TV (while in class at school) made me want to scream!

I miss seeing african beauty. The undistorted kinda. I miss seeing people like me on the streets. Beautiful, brown, black, yellow faces.   I miss being around people who look like me in all thier varying shades of me. I miss blending in and being just another body in a sea of bodies.

I miss the vibrant colors of home. Where in Denmark will you see someone going to work in a lime green suit and not look like a clown. Where else can one wear african print and not stand out? I miss wearing my sunday best to church and being among smart people.

Beautiful people…. good night.

Meanwhile, do you all know this kijana. I have am currently watching him on “House” . I googled him and found out his is kenyan!! Imagine that. It was after having seen his name on the credits and I was like… eh. His name is Edi Gathegi. (he is also muzri to look at hehehe…. albeit he is a kababy, born just the other day! 🙂

Edi Gathegi

Edi Gathegi (gettyimages)

Tip # 1

Do you own a pair of pararad (ashy/dry feet)? If you do then listen up.

During  autumn/fall, winter and spring( almost all year round) I fight the battle against ashy feet, even the champion of them all the might Vaseline never seems to do the trick.  I think I have finally found the solution. Hello coconut oil. I am talking about the real coconut, unrefined oil. The smelly stuff.

In the midst of searching for tips on how to keep my hair moisturised etc etc.. I found info on the wonders of coconut oil. Quickly I sms-ed mum and told her to bring me some.  So far it is doing what it is supposed to be doing for my hair the most important being darkening it. Anyway, so the other day mum says to me ati she had been wondering why her feet were getting ashy and dry. She’d never had the problem and mighty vaseline was not working, so she tried out some of the coconut oil and hey presto. I did not need to be told twice

The stuff works. I slather it on my feet and legs in the morning immediately after my shower and I do not need to moisturize my feet again, my legs is another matter. I am still puzzling as to why I get so dry particularly on the feet and legs. (note: The water here is very hard so I am thinking that has something to do with it!). The trick with coconut oil is to do the stuff immediately you leave the shower and wait a few minutes before you dress. That way, you do not get the smell on your clothes and you can be “amongst people” without them wondering… what the heck is that smell.

It’s doing good stuff for my hair and not for my scalp. I am itching a lot.

So that’s my tip to you hope it works. But I must warn you the stuff does smell and not in a pleasant way.