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  1. Jean Kyles said:

    Hi, I’m hoping you are Virgina Mwangi:

    Wanted to talk to you concerning your former employment at Carmichael Care in the Sacramento, CA area. You are a witness on a list of caregivers that I was asked to contact and get a statement from.

    Please reply or give me a phone number to call you.


  2. is this some kind of joke!

    if not.. then you hoped wrong, sorry can’t help you.

  3. Hi Mrembo,

    Just got information about this blog from my friend Nyambura. My name is Louise and I making the dreaded move to Denmark..following a man! I read a section of your blog on that ..and I just laughed. I hope we be in touch when I land in Copenhagen which is in late April..I am simply terrified..for a long list of reasons..

    thank you

    • Well Louise… the decision is made and you are certainly welcome to Denmark. Where exactly will you be? I live 3 hours away from Copenhagen on the mainland.

      When you do get here, leave a comment here and we will take it from there.

      Good luck and I must say you have choosen the right time to come, the weather is getting really good.

      looking forward to hearing from you.


      • ooh you replied!I am so excited. I haven’t left Nairobi yet we can put it down to…second thoughts, deep fears , volcanic ash , visa applications but I hope to be there in May. I will be staying in Copenhagen somewhere central and multicultural as my boyfriend puts it..I just hope its not small and dreary. The moment I land I will be in touch and then we can take it from there.

        I really appreciate your response. Thanks

  4. by the way might you have anything on your wish list..I am coming from Nairobi..so if you would like me to carry something for you..name it of course within reason..for instance I will not buy a real leather hang bag 🙂 I was thinking more like roiko, majani etc 🙂

    • how sweet of you to offer to get me stuff. I am touched! 🙂 at the moment I am ok but thanks for the offer anyway

      Good luck with your trip and may all work out as you desire.

      Central Copenhagen sounds good and it really is a good time to come to Denmark. The country is really pretty in spring and summer and people are friendlier!

      Good luck!!!!

  5. Hi mrembo, I’m sorry to hear about the challenges that you’re suffering in Country unfortunately it’s like that all over the world. My name is Yodie I live in southern California, Ive lived here all my life and traveled the U.S. quite a bit, even outside the country. I have 6 college degrees, I had 1 “wasband” 😗 1 high maintenance daughter, and a Dog Miss.Daisy!
    It’s very demeaning when another human being from the opposite race treats you like they’re beneath your feet unfortunately the African race all over the world has dealt with races individuals like this, even in my own country. These type of people lack humility,compassion, Integrity, respect for human beings as well as intelligence! I can walk down the
    street without being insulted, I wear my crown on my
    head because I am the Queen herself! If I was
    insulted by a person that felt they were more Superior
    than me, Lets say they would have a force to reckon
    with! I haven’t went into my job description, but I must say at all times I was trained to watch my back Remember you are a King you’re cut from the cloth of your ancestors who rain this Earth! Those negative
    post you get just dust it off your shoulder and turn
    your head the other way because that’s what they are to you dust, what do you do with it ,walk over it, or sweep it up and throw it in the trash. My roots are very complex on my mom side “God rest her soul” my Great Grandfather is a white Jew from Germany, I also have Irish blood, English, and 1/3 African . My father( G.R.H.S.)side my roots have been traced back to President Madison 6 brothers escaped his Plantation and migrated with the Blackfoot Indian, I’m still researching the rest, I’m not denying the fact that there was a rape that took place in my ancestral background! I’m quad racial but “I don’t get it twisted” because “I’m Black and I’m Proud”! Our race is now being easily imitated but never duplicated, all over the world they copy and listen to our music, sing like us, speak like us, they imitate the clothing we wear, they go to the plastic surgeon to get our lips ,our butts, our features, and tan the many colors of our beautiful race! But yet they still underestimated us because of our extreme talents. The African race invented The ink pen, pencils, comb, brush did the first open heart surgery, blood transplant, CD, DVD, 8 Track, Remote control for TV, Irons, straightening comb, elevator, street lights, even the folds in card board boxes (I knew him personally) and yes the Cell Phones! I could keep going but it’s 10:40pm Don’t let one demonic spirt keep you from doing what seems very cathartic for you!
    Peace and Blessings
    Yodie M.

    • Hey Yodie,

      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement.
      I am always amazed at how the words I wrote many years ago, find resonance with a lot of people. I am fine and doing really well. It is now almost 11 years and I am still in Denmark, so obviously it is not that bad anymore.

      I pay no mind to the negative comments.

      I wish you all the best in your life and endeavours May God bless and guide you always.

  6. I really appreciate your honesty and full disclosure as you share your experiences living life. I can relate to so much that you have shared and am grateful that we have common ground. Be encouraged and continue to process your thoughts in writing as you continue on your journey.

  7. Steve coxs said:

    Read the comments from other followers. Black and living in Denmark… totally agree, you have to work hard but I would say being black myself you have to educate them. Doesn’t matter how much they have it eventually they will learn and understand. The world is changing. It all boils down to education.

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