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Being Black in Denmark

I am back, I had a good break away from here, wish I could say “its nice to be back” but alas….it is not so.

I thought blacks had it bad in England, but I gotta tell you, we have it worse here. Far much worse.

I hesitate to say this but it is a fact.. there is an insidious air of racism that lies under the surface of society. As a person of color you feel it and if one is not careful, it drags you down slowly. Danes are generally mistrustful of all people brown or black. The news especially print media is filled will endless stories of “foreigners” doing one thing or the other and 99% is negative. The general air is “if THEY were not here, IT (theft, murder, riots etc) would not be happening…. The only pages I now limit myself to are the job ad section.. thank you very much.
I’m not sure I can articulate what it is like being black here.. all I can say is that.. Denmark is not Black friendly at all. If you are black.. do not apply. I have been told it is worse in Germany and France.. what do I know, I have never lived there.. but at least you have black professionals in those countries.. in this country.. you should see how surprised people are when they learn of my qualifications and then smile and say.. “but ah, you don’t speak the language, it will be very hard for you to get work.” They are proving to be right on that front, but I shall not be beaten….

I find myself increasingly reluctant to bring up my children in this country. I fear that they will grow up with a “closed mind” that seems to plague most Danes….

Ok enough with the Denmark bashing… got my rant out… Like I said, if you are Black, come visit, just don’t come and live here.


October 25th 2013

Being Black in Denmark Part II 

I decided this would be the best place for this update.

7 years later I finally feel compelled to say something about being Black in Denmark. I still get random comments from readers and  after the last comment I decided to look into the statistics of this post.  This month it  recieved over 120 vists. That’s big for me. I never pulled numbers like that during my blogging era.

It all sounded good in my head, when I thought about writing this post. As I write  the thought running through my head is “what do you want to say, what has truly changed, is it relevant and is it at all related to you being black”

A lot has changed. I have two children now, own part of a mortgage, got a steady income, still married to a great guy, still love and like him yet I still pine for home.  I pine because I know and believe that my career life would have been different. Certain things would have been easier. My heart would have smiled a little bit more. I pine because I am at crossroads in my self journey. Trying to reconcile my dreams and my reality.

I feel that if I had not been in Denmark, my journey would have PERHAPS been easier. What do I know, PERHAPS NOT. I feel Denmark stripped me of my confidence and I haven’t fully gotten her back. My career died here and I have not been able to resurrect it. I still do blue collar work. I hate going into work everyday. Yet the job applications don’t pan out.. how come? Could be the economy, could be because I am black, could be my luck run out. Every other aspect of my life is perfect.

Socially…that is something else and that is all I am saying. Danes and non-Danes living here know what I mean.

There is a program on TV, a kind of docu/reality series called “Den Sorte Arbejde”, directly translated means “The Black Work”. It follows the life of a Nigerian couple who own a cleaning business. As a black woman it leaves a funny taste in my mouth, because when you watch this show, you are not laughing with them, but at them. Yet at the same time I feel such a sense of compassion and understanding because I get the way they are thinking, the  why and how. It’s complicated. Last week, I turned it off because it was too much, I was embarrssed for them and irritated by them.  The credit roll features 2 black sambo like caricutures and apparently that is ok…

Being Black in Denmark is complicated. That’s the best I’ve got for you 7 years on!

Chika Unigwe explains it best here

Before I go I would like to say that I personally know only 3 black african proffesionals. All three got thier jobs before coming to Denmark. One can hardly string a sentence in Danish, but works for a multinational. The other works for one of the UN branches here, does not speak Danish, another speaks enough Danish to get by. All the other black Africans I personally know work blue collar   and are not university degreed. I say this to give you a perspective of being black and educated in Denmark.


7th November 2014

Oh my God! Like really… seriously… what!!

I am considering taking down this post because of all the hate and craziness going on. And yes I do get to read all the crazy comments as well as the sane comments. I believe in dialogue etc etc but dang.. this is getting to be too much. I wrote the original post in September 2006 that is 8 years ago and yes in that time I have changed as a person. Do I think that discrimination situation in Denmark has impoved, to be honest, no I do not. But I do not give it that much place in my life because I go on about my life the best way I know how. I figured out a long time ago that there is not such thing as Utopia. There are going to be people who think all black people are inferior, uneducated and low class citizens of the world. That is on them and not on me. I pay them no mind and they do not bother me in the least. There will be people who think that white people are the devil incarnate, murders and thieves of the world. I pay them no mind either.

LIFE IS HARD: That is fact



So those who want to hate, no matter what color spectrum you occupy, go ahead and do that. That’s your prerogative.

But enough is enough. This is my little home in the space called internet and I will not tolerate anymore craziness. I consider myself and intelligent person capable of intelligent discussion. We may not all agree, but we can discuss stuff with respect and without insults.

Behave ladies and gentlemen! Behave or I will delete this blog post cause it is helping no one.

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  1. Bakari Ali said:

    I would suggest you hop across the Oresund and try to find a job in Malmö. Denmark does have a socially repressive regime that makes it impossible even for Danes married to foreigners to live in that country together.

  2. I give all Africans who live in Europe my respect, it is very oppressive and difficult to make a living there.There are times I want to complain about America but I look at what you people have to go through and I give you marks.I hear Australia isnt much better.
    I wouldnt ever consider bringing up a child in the states so bringing one up in Europe where they would be subject to constant ridicule and oppression would never ever happen.
    Keep your head up!

  3. Nuff respect. As long as you stay enterprising the walls will fall.

  4. Bakari, thanks for the suggestion, but I have swore I am not moving to another non english speaking country EVER!!! I have had more than enough… you are right about the socially repressive regime….but there are ways of getting around it if one is enterprising enough.. kinda…

    Acolyte,…I so hear you…I have been to America more specifically to New York, Chicago and Philly.. and one of the plus points for me was the presence of different ethnicities on the streets , black, yellow, white, brown the whole mix and nice mixing pot…….. I will keep keeping my head up! asante

    Makanga.. asante.. !

  5. Most European are simply blind and narrow minded. I wish I had born coloured, rafiki!

  6. hello you all, i am new in europe dating someone but it just nugs me this issue of plastic smiles and i can see through it, please advice before i sink my black pride into it.
    p/s i love being coloured. thank God for that.

    • I’m dating a German this word reception of us is everywhere. ..but no matter what I do love being black and can’t see why they can’t see the beauty in us♡

  7. Proud Mary Entertainment said:

    New here. Thanks

    Mary Aloe
    Proud Mary Entertainment

  8. Hey – I’m brown and in Denmark, and it sucks every bit as badly as you say. And when you say that you have doubts about raising kids here, oh believe me, I’ve had that thought every day for my ten years here. Who wants to subject their kids to this constant, grinding ridicule??

    Hey Manky, I wrote that at a time in my life when I was very angry, depressed and very anti-Denmark. I do not take back what I wrote, but now that I have lived here longer and been out in the work place, interacted with more Danes, I am less hostile towards Denmark. Denmark certaintly has a long long way to go in regards to race relations be it, black or brown.

    For me what I find empowering is knowing who I am and what I am worth and that is what I want to teach my child. People will always judge you, and yes in certain places it is worse than others but there none-the-less. As long as I know myself and my worth, then no one and their perceptions can bog me down.

    Am I making sense to you. I could go on.. but….

    • Why do you niggers expect everyone to be nice and friendly to you , just because you’re black? And if they are not, you assume they are “racist”. You come to someone else’s home, not the other way around. Be so fucking kind and learn their customs and traditions. This whole liberal “multi-culti” bullshit, obviously failed.
      Hordes of rampant towelheads riot on the streets of european cities, thousands of these immigrants come along,bringing all their huge families with them, draining the welfare system. What do you expect? Everyone to smile politley like nothing’s happened?
      I’m not a “racist”, i’m a realist. I’m all for “can’t we all just get along” thing, but it’s not the westerners who don’t want to get along,it’s the migrants. You don’t see white people coming to 3 world countries in packs, dictating their way of life. Be thankful,that you had the chance to get out your famine-ridden, war-torn, shithole of a country in the first place.

      • you are racist, starting of saying the N word

      • African Supremacy said:

        Chris, immigrants move to Western countries because such countries have screwed us over since the 19th century. You came to Africa and ruined our beautiful continent, sold millions into slavery destroying well established kingdoms. Next you took our land, introduced warfare and took control of our states during colonization. Today you live off of Africa’s people, raw materials, minerals and oil!! Behind every conflict in Africa is a Western country celebrating. And so you have it- its payback time! And so we will move into Europe, America and Australia and populate your nations (we are gifted with high fertility rates) until the day you surrender. Blame your ancestors for thinking they can get away with the rape of Mama Africa!!

      • Not non-muslim black said:

        Actually, white people have been and still do dictate how and why for their own benefit for CENTURIES in EVERY black country that they have visited and inhabited… Ignorant – you have no idea what you are taking about…poor you…

      • Mr Chris, You have no idea what you talking about. You ain’t no fucking realist. The westerners(you inclusive) have bitten more than they can chew and will surely pay for every dime in due course. We respect the westerners but they don’t respect us back. We(all blacks:Obama is just a present sample) are going to rule the world someday and even your so called country/class and pay back will be definite, just be prepared. Mind you its’ not only in your country, even in asia where i reside, we are being treated unfairly and looked down upon. Chris, i guess you grew up with the notion that black is being attributed with something bad that;s why you are talking of we expecting being treated nice everywhere we go to. My advice to fellow black man is to keep keeping up and continue to stand tall whenever and wherever. God Bless!!!

      • First of all nigger anyone can be a nigger. And to answer your question black people don’t care about how y’all feel it’s a matter of respect. Second I think white people don’t like black because we was born with color .Now white people do so much to be like us they tan get ass jobs and want full lips every white women wants to be fucked by a black man and white men been liking black pussy since slavery days why you think some of us are damn near as pale as y’all

      • Mr.chris I think your is more arrogant than realism. Our Africa is not a shit hole, and it may be where all humans came from, you’ve never lived there, so how are you going to say that?just because it’s on tv doesn’t mean it’s true.
        Also what makes you think whites haven’t destroyed our culture as you’re saying we are to them, last time I checked they stole our gold,ivory, minerals, and our land while on that same land say that we are below them.
        And if you’re white living in america mr. Chris you as well had immigrant ancestors and took away the culture of the native americans who lived there long before whites came. You’re not a realist as you say you’re a plain racist by the way you’re proving your point

      • If you weren’t racist you would not even think about using the word Nigger….how pathetic that you think that you’re superior…..you don’t have any insight as to who’s truly destroying the nations and I’m here to inform you that the Biggest and most ruthless criminals White! Steal kill and destroy other races lifes standing in this world. Be very careful of what you spit out of your hateful heart, get some real understanding of what other races have endured and how it came about before you feel you got the right to judge. You no you reap what you sow and things will change soon!

      • chris your an idiot, white pig like you, it was your fore fathers that destroy africa, and you have the gut to talk rubbish,

      • Maybe i’ve been a little harsh, I apologise for that, but i stand my ground. It’s not the blacks that are the problen, it’s muslims. Black people are harmless, they usually come from impoverished backgrounds, so they have to work hard to succeed. Unlike muslims, who own oil and have spare money to sponsor terrorism, ISIS is a good example.
        For all those critisizing, if you don’t like it here, why do you come here? Why do you come to white countries, if you feel mistreated or looked down upon? Why not to try change your own countries for the better? China did it, South Korea did, Brazil, Turkey and many others. Do you think you can mooch of welfare forever? It’s not making any favours for anyone. Again,it’s just my opinion. Peace.

      • Considering you are not a racist but a “realist”, you must have meant ignorant person when you typed the word “Nigger” then, yes? I feel sorry for you.

      • Mr Chris .your expression does not only define you as a person but it goes beyond that …..its a free world with freedom of speech and all but with that kind of attitude doesnt only target people of colour but i think everyone around you…..your persona is speaking out loud in a very negative way ….retrace your steps because u are a very bitter mean person im sorry but true….how will you raise your kids and what morals will u teach them in this crazy world hope u live 200years to be by there side because i feel sorry for them…….

      • Actually Chris, I do see westerners coming to developing countries in packs! It’s called colonization!!! Africa is a continent rich in minerals, yet over the last 150 years it has been stripped dry by westerners who think they are more educated and advanced.
        In my city today westerners are getting paid up to 3 times more than Africans with the same standard of education if not a higher standard.
        More and more westerners flock here so that they can get paid to the standards of their own countries, yet they have living costs that are much lower!
        So before you bash Africa, try and look through history. Africa is what it is today because the white man could not mind his own business!

      • Monique Mcknuckles said:

        Its a shame to read that this is how people still feel in this day an age, what’s even sadder is that you claim to not be a raciest when the first line of your rant began with such a derogatory slur, well realist if you really understood anything of history outside of your own…you would know that the slave trade made it so that every where on earth is our homes, because we had a hand in building it… Now I’m not going to make any excuse for anyone black or white brown or yellow who uses the government inappropriately, wrong is wrong regardless of the skin color,but as far as the friendly factor can you honestly say you treat all people with or with out a struggle the same, or as you would like to be treated if you were them? Its easy to critize to pass judgment on those you don’t know personally or close your mind to because of society’s views on them but if the same was done to you how would you feel and if it has been done to you where is your compassion?

      • G-Touring said:

        All i want to do is tour the world. Chris, please be mindful of what you say, it may seriously affect tourism in your country. Not all foreign ethnics pose a threat to your nations well being. i think you should direct your energies towards ensuring that your country is not looked at so negatively. I would certainly hate to encounter racists or discriminative behavior while vacationing in your country. I think its a beautiful place, but us outgoing souls usually review these kinds of content before agreeing our next step. Your views would have immediately turned me off from even applying for the visa let alone making the trip. The world has now become a mega mart and I’m sure your countrymen have no intentions of losing out. Do you?

      • Your ignorance is palpable.

      • Then why do you use racist names when referring to the groups of people you speak of (niggers, towel heads ect) of you are not racist?

      • your typical white guy said:

        You are hate filled Racist! Proven by your words and the way you think. Do some reading in your history. You will find white people have been invading other countries and culture for centuries! And the leading group inciting Hate Based discrimination White people 4 is it scientifically referred to Caucasoid.

      • your typical white guy said:

        The down fall of the (Human Race) is hate! Not one collective or specific race or demographic!

      • Wow. You’re not racist, but use the word nigger with such comfort. AMAZING.

      • Black Queen said:

        Shut your racist ass up, if ya wasent racist than the word nigger wouldn’t leave ya pagan ass mouth, O you white muthafuckas!!!!! You bitches are the reason this world has gone to hell, I understand why IsIs are on y’all ass, blowing you sons of bitches up, fuck wrong with you hoes?

      • Bangough said:

        ” You don’t see white people coming to 3 world countries in packs, dictating their way of life”

        Are you on crack???!!! Why do you think European languages are spiken in non European countries??!!! Whites travel the planet to rape and pillage wherever they go!! They’re in Africa, United States, South & Central America!!! Europeans ARE NOT NATIVE TO ANY IF WESTERN OR SOUTHERN PARTS IF THE PLANET!!! They are barbaric and brutally conqured all these regions in search if resource control! YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY BE THIS FUKN STUPID!!! ANYBODY WHO PASSED THE 3RD GRADE KNOWS THIS!!! I AM ASTONISHED THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST

  9. Hey guys.. i agree with you… I have been living in this country since 1997 and I jnow these country very well. I have studied in Danish universities and I know how difficult it is for black people to live in this country. Manky, you are wrong, and I strongly disagree with you. You are a puppet and everything you say is a lie. I will never advice my black friends to move to this country….

    I love my black people…..

  10. vernon phelps said:

    yes its hard in danmark….but here you get free education…so educate your self to be a citizen of the world…..in the mean time you know that in danmark you have a place to live…you eat every day and maybe drink too….and when you find a girl to sleep with you think you are in heaven………………but take your time ….love and be loved…..but dont for get to educate yourself…….take classes that are free….use the internet….stay in touch with your family and friends around the world and at home and even in danmark….the black university of the world…………black history safari…….all the best to you and yours…

  11. […] ah, you don’t speak the language, it will be very hard for you to get work.” https://mrembo.wordpress.com/2006/09/…ck-in-denmark/ Figures obtained from the Metropolitan Police show that racially aggravated crimes are as […]

  12. Att. Black people living in Denmark,

    I’m a co-editor of a small paper for anthropologists at Aarhus University and we are currently in the process of putting together our next edition – an edition dedicated to the theme BLACK alongside the theme WHITE.
    Tonight I sort of stubbled across your forum here, while searching the web for inspiration on the theme black, and I must say it’s very interesting and of course a little disturbing to read your comments. I hadn’t a clue that it was that bad being black in Denmark – but I have sometimes thought about, that is, how it must feel.
    I believe that the various, individual answers to such a question, which this site has plenty of examples of, could serve as highly educational for other students and readers at our university – for them to experience some real firsthand accounts about what it is like to be black in Denmark.

    I therefore pose the question, whether anybody on this site, would be interested in sharing his or her experience(s) of being black in Denmark? It is perfectly fine to write in English and it doesn’t have to be long, but if you would like to write a full article, that would be great too. We’re interested in as many voices as we can raise out of the white silence.

    Our paper “Informanten”: https://sites.google.com/site/onlineinformanten/

    Please write to: petra.k.jensen@gmail.com
    or post on this site and add that I’m allowed to republish it in our paper

    Hope to hear from you!

    Best regards,

    Petra Jensen

  13. Sorry I just realised that this is one persons private blog..? But people seem to be following it, so still hope to locate some people interested in the above. Maybe Mrembo too? Please let me know and please tell me if you know of another place to post my request.

    I hope it is okay that I posted on this blog:)

    • Wow! I wrote that blog a few years ago and i still get comments 4 years on. Who would have thought that.

      Mr. Jensen i need sometime to read through the info on the link u have provided before i make a decision.

      Will get back to you sometime later this week.

      Any other black folks in Dk feel free to knock youselves out:-)

      • Yes that’s a pretty long lifespan for a blogpost😉
        Thank you for taking the time to look at our paper, I appreciate it. And hope of course that you will want to contribute.

        Kind regards,

        (Mrs.) Petra Jensen

        PS. I was just made coeditor, so my name doesn’t appear in the previous editions. We also have a FB page, if you want to check us out there: http://studiebladetinformanten.wordpress.com/

  14. […] Når man blev gjort opmærksom på sin farve, så var det som barn (dengang var der ikke så mange farvede børn endnu), fordi man var den søde lille brune sag og senere var det så knap så hyggelige kommentarer, der gjorde, at man følte man ikke var “som de andre”. Du sidder måske i din “bobbel” og tænker – “jamen vi har da ikke racisme i Danmark” – lad mig så lige ryste dig ud af den vildfarelse – det kan du tro, vi har. Det kan hedde sig nok så meget på overfladen, at det har vi ikke, og du er lige så meget værd som alle andre, men når det kommer til stykket, skal du nok stadig få bemærkninger, som andre synes er hysterisk morsomme (selvom du står lige ved siden af), om farve/race, der enten nedgør folk som race betegnet eller bare fordi de er sorte. Ad dette se venligst dette blogindlæg! […]

  15. I’m sorry to read all this but it’s hardly a surprise to me. The reason why I found this post is because I’m dating a Kenyan girl and I wanted to find some info for her to see about how other foreigners has felt about staying in my home country.
    I know that scandinavians like to think of them selves as open and educated and tolerant people but at the same time as we brag about how well we speak english it seems to be a HUGE problem if it is in a job situation where the applicant has a slight african accent.
    I like my country, I think it’s great but i’m not always so proud of my people.
    In the last couple of years I have made an effort to open up to other nationalities and races in Denmark. It has been an interesting experience. I have put my self in situations where I have been the minority at parties and social gatherings. It’s not easy to get used to being the “kartoffel” (danish for potato, what some blacks and browns call white danes), but I like putting my self in other peoples situation.
    I know that even though my girlfriend has a bachelors degree she might not get a job till she speaks danish really really well or maybe till the color wears off…………..
    She is a nice and talented and energetic girl so I’m sure she will get something to do if we decide to settle down here in Denmark but I must say I doubt that she will get the job that her level of education deserves.
    So yes, I would really like to see people change!!
    …but first things first, I’m going to Kenya soon for the first time. Let’s see how tolerant they are. I hope I will not be treated like a ATM machine or some kind of male mother Teresa that will come to feel the hungry and hand out cars and Iphones.

    The world isn’t perfect but I’m gonna dive into it….. Peace Ya’ll and Eid Mubarak and Merry X-mas

    :p 😉

    • Seven years later and this post is still getting some play! I have been thinking of doing another post about being black in Denmark. The spin on it would be “7 years later, what, how do I feel and think”

      Part of me is lazy, another resigned and apathetic, can’t be bothered to write anything

      I wish you and your girlfriend all the best. If you do indeed get married and decide she will move here, be ready to deal with a lot of stuff.

      Good luck on your trip to Nairobi and depending your your girlfriend’s family’s financial status and circles, you may or may not be treated as an atm:-) There are a good number of kenyans who have it going on financially!!!

    • Zainabu said:

      Daniel, we are not all poor in Kenya. We have billionaires here and many people more richer than you. If your Kenyan girlfriend treats you like an ATM machine, she has given you the wrong impression of Kenya. And i wonder what communication you have with your girlfriend for her not to tell you how beautiful Kenya is. But as we say in Kenya, “Karibu”~ Welcome.

  16. Interesting read. My co-worker once remarked the exact opposite and said in Denmark they LOVE black people. I dont really consider myself black, I consider myself mulatto (like Obama) but visually, most people would loosely call me black. After my co-worker’s revelation, I just decided to poke around and see. Google returned a few Denmark Interracial Dating websites, but then I stumbled upon this page amidst those. Ah well, I guess I’ll keep on looking.

    • Couldn’t help but think, what are you looking for?.

      I know of some blog posts about being black in Denmark, only thing is that they are in Danish.
      Oops, I have not been blogging for a long time and seems like I got rid of the links, can’t find them and can’t remember the blog names at all.

  17. why do all the blacks want to immigrate to other nations anyway if your so proud of being black why not take that pride to your native regions and reform those crap hole nations instead of destroying the ones you come to.

    • Now how am I even supposed to start answering this… nah.. can’t be bothered!
      Been there, done that, discussion got old.

    • white folks are so stupid. willeta jones yall are savages why dont yall go back to the caves yall came from and eat raw meat like yall always do.

    • I’ve been a school teacher in Copenhagen for 14 years now. I’m a black British woman from London and I’m pretty sure I haven’t ruined anything here in Denmark. I moved here from London because my ex-hubby was a Dane. I speak very good Danish and have never had any racial problems. I know that’s not true for everyone, by some black people are actually happy in DK…

  18. and by the way I am black too

  19. I’m curious as to why you live in Denmark if the racism is so bad? And is it possible for you to move to another country where it’s not as bad? What’s keeping you there?

    • what is keeping me here? The answer is in the blog. Moving is not an option now but could be in the future perhaps earlier than I am even anticipate. But yes moving is something I would consider and considering.

  20. it is horrible and it is not your job to educate a whole country but I think it is important that you are in Denmark and seen to be thriving. I have lived in a small minded part of London for some years now and although I still over hear some obvious and open racist conversations (and I mean racist not just open to interpretation) I feel like it is important just to be here and not just back down and disappear or pretend to be less than you are or have achived because we exist we have much to contribute as positives to this world and it really has to accepted.

  21. Nationalist said:

    I hope you and your children will die in pain, fucking niggers. Why do you keep coming to white countries? Even YOU know, we do NOT want you here, so why you fucking monkeys don’t go back on trees. We all hate you with all our hearts but you are just too dumb to understand and move here anyway. I’m really looking forward to another likenazi movement, when we will fucking burn you, kill you, gas you.

    DIE black bitch.

    • You are really a sad person. Idek what your situation is but I can tell that you live a sad life. You’re extremely small minded and was probably raised by that by your parents, even though that gives you no reason to attack someone you don’t even know just because they’re black living in a country you feel they shouldn’t be apart of. She has said herself that living in Denmark is hard and she has faced racism so you don’t have to come on here harassing her even more. As a black woman myself, I aspire to visit Europe and I hope no ignorant people would come up to me and say I’m a “monkey” and all that. We are supposed to help each other rise up, expect you are helping to bring us all down. If black people are not personally bothering YOU than leave us alone. Let people live their lives without being judged for their skin. You don’t know her situation, you know her skin color. Open up your eyes and accept others !

    • Nationalist why dont yall savages go back to the caves yall came from. all white people have ever done was kill and steal. yall stole the land from the native americans, and if you read your history you will see that we were here first. i the USA. whites are devils, and all they mean to do is destroy. every country yall visit yall destroy.

    • At Nationalist,
      So I am supposed to what now, cry, be angry ,sad and afraid because you came out with all your wrath and racism- This is so old, tired and boring. Try again.

    • African Supremacy said:

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Nationalist!! I bet you still wear your diapers!! Your rant is so infantile ( do you even know what that word means??)

  22. Nationalist: you are so idle. you are a looser and live with fear. You are embarrassing the white community. Grow up!!

  23. Heya all,
    Was just looking for some info about being brown or black in Danmark. Wow been reading all this, I really feel bad about this idea now damn, my girlfriend lives in the South East and we were planning as she can’t travel now, that I will move there. I just feel bad now,
    and try consider and think my decisions again though we both really in love and want to settle our life together, sad that racism exist and will surely always do. But didn’t expect in 2014 this color barrier was also so North in Europe, or guess only my lack of knowledge about Northern countries weigh light in the balance. And well I only speak 4 languages and non from Northern countries. Ok guess, best way is to go there for few days instead of moving to install, or maybe get a better destination, where the white people have been travelling a bit around the world, and realize that other cultures and colors exist, and that they all not murderers, dealers, or only good to sweep floors or work in waste gathering shits. Narrow minded is hard to live with or around, now if it’s a full population, no wonder would feel unwanted. Saw racism in many countries been in like 20 different countries in the world, lol and the one I chose to settle seems the worst solution now, back to my plans.
    Sorry for my elglish, just a bit surprised and sad about all this.

  24. Black dude! said:

    Denmark does not count Black people (people called *neger* in Denmark or (persons with sub saharan african features) in statistics therefor has little to protect them against racism such as Afrophobia or Anti Black Racism as instructed by the EU and UN? Black people are outlines in the EU as being high risk to racism yet Denmark does not implement any special tools as other European nations have to protect them. you can be beaten up and called Neger and the police with only file it as assult and not a hate crime!

  25. blackguy said:

    like how bad is it really??
    i was born in Austria and things have been tough here too
    for instance hatecrimes against blacks and being called ‘neger’
    but lately things changed… you see more and more black people in public adds and the newspaper and working in good jobdescription
    im planning to do my master degree in denmark ? would you advice me to do it over there?

    • Blackguy,!
      I do not think it would be wise of you to make your decision based on what you have been reading here. Do not get me wrong, my experience of Denmark as described in my post is real and true. That said I feel that I cannot persuade nor disuade you from coming to Denmark. It has to be your own decision based on more research than this simple blog. In terms of seeing black people in the media, Denmark is eons and eons behind and the image of the black african is still one filled with negativity but one also needs to take into consideration that black people make up a very very small percentage of the society as a whole so I guess our buying power is not seen as significant enough to warrant ads having black people!

  26. Interesting thread and it is great to see people speaking out. I must add that one element that allows alot of racism towards black people to excist is the devision and unwillingness of the black populations to unify and effect change for black people and part of that is how Denmark gives out money and how dissunified people of african descent are. There are real human rights violations being committed against black people in denmark but to tackle them black people must be prepared for the work and effort it takes and partiipate in the change.

    Please find out what African Empowerment Center is doing and for your support in achieving!


    • Victor,
      I feel it is important to keep in mind the sheer number of black people in Denmark. According to Google, Denmark has a population size of 5.6mil, 95% of that being ethic Danes, 3% other Europeans, 1% Asians, 0.5% Africans and 0.3% others??!!

      Statistically Black people or people of African origin do not have a strong voice because our size is so insignificant economically and otherwise. (though the media would have you believe we are responsible for all the ills of this society) That said, I am in no way suggesting that because we are so few in numbers, discrimination should be allowed to run rampant.

      I would also like to stress that as an African living here, I am in NO WAY LOOKING FOR NOR SOLICITING FOR handouts of any form or nature whatever the name attached ala affirmative action etc. I firmly believe in being an upstanding contributing member of whatever society I am. And yes,

      My long disclaimer out of the way, let me tackle what you stated about the unification of Africans here.

      If as tribes in individual countries we are unable to unite, how do we expect the Diasporan Africans to unite. The expectation is a bit unrealistic in my opinion. When we come here, many times the only thing we have in common is our color and the racism we face, apart from that, culturally, socially etc we are so different that bridging that gap becomes mission impossible.

      I feel that as Africans here in Denmark, our job is to shift and change perceptions of who we are by the way we live and thrive in communities here. We must also challenge racism in a manner that is none violent or combative. The racism that I have experienced here in not “in your face” but an institutionalized, socialized kind. I could give examples from as early as 2 weeks ago.

      All that said, we must also live. Live life and be happy and be proud to be as black as we are because it is fabulous being African no matter what anyone says or thinks!

      Thanks for the links.

      • Hi Mrembo,

        I agree and understand lots about Africans in Denmark because i am a diaspora African who has been working within the community grass roots for some years now listening to what Africans say in private about various forms of Racism as well as being a memer of the larger body of human rights activist in Europe comparing statistics, evidences and comparing them. I in no way am suggesting combat or violence but democratic means which are the only means western governments and bodies who recieve our tax dollars aknowledge. It is important that people be willing to do the work collectively and not just complain about racism. I also am not suggesting that its something wrong with recieving money from the Danish government at all because its the money tax payers like myself put into the system, its our money based on our rights in this nation. I am however speaking of the details behind the monies are allocated and recieved by Africans puts them often for the last 30 years in a non progressive and inclosed stance which is harmful and not progressive in stopping racism. In democracies stopping homophobia is not based on your nationality or ethnicity or tribe but being homosexual. Racism towards black like being called neger and not being counted in statistics and how to fight it is the same. It requires not your ethnicity, not your nationality but simply you alnowledging your proud of being black and that racism towards blacks should not be tolorated structurally, systematically or otherwise. It simply needs you to be active collectively to stop it.

        I hope you understand my point because no matter if we are born here or not, etc we must do better collectively and organizationally as black people to stop it. People need to know that Black people have a significant role in stopping racism no matter what and today we have other blacks all over willibg to help us in the EU and other international bodies if we in Denmark step up and do more than complain. Alot of us complain but dont join the active fight against it that is ongoing today via various orgs.


      • Victor,

        I hear you and agree with you 100% about being active in doing something to change the system rather than sit back and complain.

        I will look further into the links you provided. I did look at the facebook page and read some of the articles. They were interesting but dated.

        I will admit that my activism stage is over. I have never felt that Denmark is home or will be home for me- Like almost every African I know, I plan on leaving at some point. Because of this sentiment I am not so engaged in fighting for change in the system. However I will participate and join in a movement for change that appeals to my values

      • Mrembo,

        Glad to hear your comments. In speaking about racism things can get heated, however the subject in Denmark is needed expecially concerning Black people.
        Having some background in human and civil rights i can make a few statements i hope folks here take home with them;

        First, Mrembo i commend you for this blog as the subject is needed and is often over shadowed by discrimination against Muslims and Denmark and Muslims have taken up alot of focus while the Afrophobia or systemic racism towards black people and our issues in general seem to get little play from many not only danes.

        2. Im glad this blog is using the term black, because we all experience a particular form of discrimination.

        3. We all know Denmark is not the worst place on earth nor the only place dealing with issues of racism because my own nation USA deals with it. But one cannot work to fight against racism while covering it up or not speaking about it. I do not agree with ever comment here, however i do support dialog on the issue as i believe PAD have alot to offer Denmark and the world, so we need our own dialog with Danes, and yes even about the issue of Black Danes. Yes they excist but not acknowledged by their own state. Better Statistics need to be established in Denmark on black people, pad and sort europeans to establish by fact how well we do in society otherwise no one can speak clearly on the topic of how racist denmark is or is not! So lets all agree to push for statistics if we really care about the subject!

        Cheers to all of you,

      • I forgot to mention Blacks in Denmark are comprised of various groups including continental Africans, Black Europeans, “Mullatos” or mixed Blacks, African Americans etc. And the only thing you need to have in common to fight against anti black racism or afrophobia as its called in the UN and EU level is to be one of these persons called black or neger. It only takes education and a care for solving the problem. I believe the bigger element stopping Blacks from organizing against racism is fear not numbers. Another factor is African embassies are basically not protecting their citizens rights while being abroad, so Danish goverment has little reason to protect africans or black people from structural racism or any other form. Their not being challenged by african nations at all. Sad but true. Its in the peoples hands and if the people dont stand together to stop it, they need to understand they wont stop it. Thus accepting it!

      • Being a small number or miinority does not at all mean you should not be protected by the same human rights others enjoy like others enjoy. If anything the protective measures have been assigned by the UN and EU because we are minorities. They UN and EU are waiting on black people to claim their right to be counted, and their right to be protectes against hate speach and structural racism etc. Lol

      • Blacks in Swedin and Germany are having marches together for their human rights and to fight racism so Africans uniting is a reasonable expectation because its happening in France, Amsterdam etc. Its happening all around Denmark! Blacks in Denmark are jusy not informed of it as they really should be. You should really take a look at those links because AEC is one of those organizations which is non ethnic but diaspora orientated to the issues and they have lots of info nationally and continentally on the issue of racism in dk and europe! Check em out, its we worth attending one of their meetings or even joining!


  27. I grew up in denmark. Until I was 7. I’m not black but brown and I didnt’ have as bad as an experience as the Poster. I lived in Copenhagen, it was starting to get multicultural at that time. Denmark is a great country to grow up in, especially for children, lots of camping/outdoor activities, nice cottages.
    This was back in the 80’s to early nineties when we lived there.
    When I read posts like this it makes me wonder if it was the same denmark I grew up in.
    We had plenty of native danish friends and lots of foreign danish friends too. I do agree there’s a bit of racism, but i’m referring to the flat out racists… like “don’t sit next to her, she has brown skin” that incident happened on the bus. But stuff like that is rare. but I don’t think it’d EVER happen to me where I live now. I talked to an old friend, and she said it’s because they feel inadequate about the strength of their nation, idk if that’s true or not.

    Danish people in general just keep to themselves though, my mom always jokes that if you fall or break your arm in the middle of the road, danes are not likely to stop and help you . I know that’s probably not true for everyone there but they do keep to themselves, mind their own business.
    My dad was a Dr., we had it all right but eventually we figured it was easier to move out… it’s hard to grow a patient base there especially at that time with so little foreigners.so we moved to North America, which has been a great experience, the culture is different and more open I guess, nobody really gives a damn what color you are here, as long as your making $$$, a different kind of shallow idk. Everyone is treated the same in denmark even the garbage man. so it’s different everywhere.

    I feel like If i had as bad of an experience as the poster, I’d move out of there asap.

    • Black dude! said:

      outright racism is rare is Denmark although it accures. But in Denmark the wider form of racism which not to many people seem to step out of their personal bubble to investigate is systemic racism such as not counting how many blacks live in your country. It seems like a small thing but when you know how the laws work on a larger level just refusing to do that means your systemically able to get away with racism without any one stopping it or documenting it!

  28. Black dude! said:

    Anyone who really cares about racism in Denmark regarding black people or folks often in that catagory SORT, NEGER or MULLATO in Denmark should sign this petition!

  29. Cecilie said:

    Oh my God… That first post broke my heart.

    I am a young, Danish girl, and this probably shouldn’t bother me, but it does, because, God, I respect blacks with all of my heart. I am writing an outline about black Americans for my final exam, and I wanted to know, how blacks in Denmark felt. But if this is it, I think, I would rather not know, because, wow… It really hurts me, that I am a part of a community, where blacks doesn’t feel wanted.
    But God, I just hope, it will change. I have been in Gambia, this little coutry in the northwest of Africa, and it was truly the biggest experience of my life. I often experience black people as being the happiest and most loving people, and I don’t know, how many times a black man or woman has made my day just by smiling at me – something Danes would never do.

    I am not black, I am not gay, I am not a muslim – I am not anything, that makes me exposed. I am just a typical, blond, Danish girl. But still, my heart longs for justice, and I am truly sorry on behalf of my nation.

    Thank you for being part of the most amazing “race” on earth, and please remember; not every Dane is like what you bescribed.

    • Black dude said:

      Hi Cecile,
      Thank u for understanding and showing the positive thing about DK and that is, all Danes are clearly not racist and many are capable of listening without taking personal offense to them directly as individuals!

      Please join the many in changing some of these issues in a simple way through entering a new positive dialog on these issues but also supporting a big issue at the root which is how we here in dk collect statistics! Please check out this page and support the request to have statistics collected on SORT or Black people so as to better gain access to tools to curb the problem today! http://Www.facebook.com/PAD.BE.DK

  30. Sad to say but it sounds like a sterile dump teetering on moral bankruptcy. Why would anyone choose to move there voluntarily ?!!

  31. lisa from south africa said:

    i want you people to count your blessing so you can say thank you to this people that accommodate you for years,we can talk about this people racism but what you forget is some african countries even worse than this, i love my african countries i always feel comfortable with my black people but some will treated you like shit, talk to you any how becoz you are in there country i know what am talking about is hurt than from white people have being travelled to 6 african countries, but no place like home.tried to understand this people, show them you are one of good one they will give you a chance, some black people destroy the good and decent black people so we have to buy our honesty with gentleness and sense of human when dealing with white people,blv me there is a place in there heart to show us love and care if we do the same one love everybody

    • Lisa from South Africa,

      No one is forgetting some african people can be racist, tribalistic, greedy and dastardly, but Africa the current state it is in is not the standard black people who for centuries while living in the west use to point out the standards of issues in the west. You must remember plenty of black people who experience racism do not come from an african nation! Many come from the USA, South America, Europe and the Carribean who experience racism. So one must be clear this post is about racism towards blacks not certain african nationals!

  32. i was gonna right my story……. but fuck it, from what I’ve read it seems to me denmark and the uk are the same the racism is systematic…… and here i was falling for a danish girl who wanted me pack up leave my world and go be with her……. and my sisters nagging me to move denmark too because she’s married to a dane so that i can be apart of my nieces life…..and after reading so many blogs similar to this one naaah fuck them I’m staying put.

    • write* lol and please excuse my language…… I’m stuck now do i tell this amazing girl no….. and do i say to my sister i can’t do that because over there ill never get a chance a fair shot to succeed……. yet danes tell me there is no racism its a lovely country people are lying to you.

      • It’s a shame that you feel this way. You obviously don’t care enough for this girl, because og you did, you would move here for her. And for yourself. Denmark isn’t so bad after all. I know, we have struggles, all countries do, but you could have found your place.
        One of my dearest friend’s father is black, and he has been living here with his Norwegian life for crazy many years. Today he has three dautghers and two beautiful granddaughters, and I am sure, that if you ask him, he is not regretting his decision about moving to Denmark.
        You could have a pleasant life here – maybe even a good one – if you just tried.

      • If* instead of ‘og’.
        Norwegian wife* – sorry.

    • IAmMeThankYou said:

      OMG THANK YOU AND SAME! lol Like this guy likes me and wants me to move to Denmark with him. At the time, I said “Oh, I don’t see the problem with that!” But I thought that I did a little research about Denmark, then BOOM this pops up. (I am grateful for this blog). All of the ignorance and childishness on here is making me want to stay. :l BUT I am also going to Japan soon. SO i’m looking forward to that! Ugh I hate it when people judge you for you skin even without knowing the person. I thought there was a saying that said, “Don’t judge a Book by it’s cover.”😦 Anyways…

      • Claus Asp said:

        Judging a countrys population from media is not leaving many good places..
        I tell you the danish population have lately been so helpful to refugees as not many other places.
        I had my Zambian girlfriend visiting me this summer in Copenhagen, and everywhere people were so welcoming. We will marry and live here in DK.
        Dont judge a dog on its skin.
        Good luck to everyone

  33. @Cecilie no it’s that i don’t care noooo far from that but if they make life tough for her because she chose to love a foreigner….. on my part what type of love is that. to her it my be worth it but in my mind i will always question feel like maybe if i hadn’t come she would’ve had a better life…… i’ll have to think about it. oh trust this girls me on my knees.

  34. South African
    Hi I am a South African and am currently looking into studying in either Denmark or Finland. The education is apparently of a high standard and very cheap. Is it that bad? Also as a student can I get a job as well or is it best to register for a year worth of a language (Danish)? Is getting accommodation easy and affordable for black people?

    I live in a racist country but its mine and I don’t meet it everyday and feel I am well seasoned in dealing. Is it that bad? It sounds as though one should be careful just walking or jogging the streets.

  35. ChuckAustin said:

    This contributor wonders what the commentators or visitors here, or indeed the fantastic principal involved in this interesting and long-running blog, would make of relations between the indigenous White hosts and the counterparts of the objects here as to what the latter are up against – as to realities on the ground in Denmark, not just from the perspective of the blogger – in, say, the Netherlands, another beautiful Northern European country that on many fronts is in the same league with Denmark.
    The Netherlands itself cannot be called an immigration country, but it, starting from being a heaven for refugees way back, has become home to a sizable population of immigrants most of whom have become naturalized Dutch citizens – down to the third generation already – in a nation famous for its liberal, tolerant, integrational, progressive traits and so on and so forth.
    Well, the relevant issue here is the spectre of discrimination, and limited opportunity a Black person in a Whiteman’s country may experience. Hence this contributor’s curiosity. A firsthand veritable witness, who started out as an asylum seeker from West Africa, of over 14 years in the matter of the Dutch approach towards those who comprise about or even over 10% of the country’s well over 16 million inhabitants as being of Western origins and another 10% who are of non-Western roots, in which Blacks are sizably represented. The emphasis here then becomes: being Black in the Netherlands/Holland.
    ‘Experiencing Germanic Europe: Above the Alps, Below sea Level-NL’ is an eBook, ISBN 9789462284753, by Chukwudi Austin Anene, and it comes in useful particularly with regards to the gist of the main subject here.
    It can provide you with an authentic picture on a number of facets surrounding comparable realities prevalent on the ground in yet another non-English speaking country, say, from the perspective of someone like Mrembo.

  36. The Truth Hurts said:

    So it’s 2 am here in the states, and I have been reading thru all of the opinions posted here on the topic of racism. And I have found multiple comments that are very disturbing.
    So as a black man, I feel it necessary to put some of you in your place. I had hoped that someone was going to discuss some of the more relevant issues most won’t put on the table, I refuse to have a filter in what is about to follow. But maybe, just maybe, it will shine a much brighter light on the issue of racism, and how it’s manifestation has corrupted the entire world. I was raised not to see color, and could care less what color you are. But lets start at the beginning and take a look at some things…….And it begins with greed.

    For many years whites have gone around the globe and attempted to take what was not theirs. You have gone to Africa and created havoc. You enslaved us as a people, sold us like animals, killed our men in some of the most gruesome ways, raped our women, and molested our young girls. Then you discovered that our land was rich in gold a diamonds, and proceeded to make yourself at home and took what you wished.

    Then there was Columbus. Who taught him how to read a map? You came to North America, smiled in the Indians faces, and then when the time was right, you turned on them. Slaughter, shot, hung THOUSANDS of native Indians, and those who survived the first three fates, were subject to the diseases you brought over with you….THEN you took their land and called it your own.

    Nowadays it’s the relationships with the Arab countries.You can’t be as vicious in your ways with them because the whole world is watching. But you have managed to swindle and trick them into obtaining their oil, and just as history has proven, just like clockwork, you have pissed them off. Now, they are bombing almost anyone across the globe. 9/11 can be blamed solely on the Bush family (Do your homework)…All those people died because of this bottom line. Greed.

    I find it funny though, you haven’t had the courage to mess with the Asian population. And wisely so….they outnumber you. Heavily. And you just might get your but kicked if you tried.

    There were remarks that indicate that blacks need to go back to their own “undeveloped” country, as it was put. Maybe we should. So here’s the deal that should be on the table:

    Say we split things 50/50:
    We’ll go back under specific conditions. Give us back the diamonds and gold you stole, then, sacrifice the same number of lives you took, raped, beat, and manipulated. And maybe we can call it even.

    Now even though this is text, I can hear most of the responses by whites. “Sir, you sound like an idiot”….maybe I do. But answer me this. Who is be held accountable for all the lives you took and ruined?? The societies that you crippled because of your greed? You are the only race that walks around and blatantly exhibit tones of racism, but most people of color don’t go around degrading your race, unless provoked. Someone has to answer for your crimes?? And if you say that your actions were not criminal and disgusting, it only brings me to the next paragraph……

    Why is it when this subject comes up, whites act like they did nothing wrong?? You will deny being racist, but turn around behind closed doors the racial remarks thrive. Do you even recognize that what you have done and continue to do is considered to be forms of racism to people of color? You continue to be bold in your presentations but become silent when your are questioned about your actions and when you are asked to answer for your actions.

    Most whites will reply that many civilizations had slaves. “We were doing what history has already depicted”. Maybe so, but at some point you have to evolve and do what’s right. What if you woke up tomorrow, and every person of color was raiding your homes, grabbing your wives, husbands and children. Raping your wives and daughters in front of you, and ending your family member’s lives. Ahhhhhhh….. Now who’s wrong? Only with the thought of that does it begin to exude some clarity. I can see your jaws getting tight from here. But I am quite sure there are some blacks who would love to sign on the dotted line to close this deal, and sadly so. Because two wrongs definitely don’t make a right. I would never wish your behavior to be repeated at anyone’s expense, by any other race. Don’t get this twisted……

    But it’s a WHOLE different story when the shoe is on the other foot, indeed.

    I didn’t enjoy writing and presenting these facts, as they are just that, …..the facts. And the above is going to get a LOT of comments following. The only good thing is that the world, surprisingly is getting away from some of it’s racial issues. But progress is slow, and we still have so far to go. There are a growing number of whites who can’t stand the problem of racism. And not all whites are racist, and nowadays it’s not only whites. Your hated is a virus that has spread to other countries. And because most black don’t travel to most parts of the world, other countries can only assume by what they see in the media.

    Some whites are not proud of what your your history depicts, and will admit that they are ashamed of their ancestors. But the rest of you need to get right. If you have a hard time swallowing what I’ve written, maybe you need to sit and have along talk with yourself about the type of person you are. If you don’t like blacks because we cause problems, or other people of color because they affect your way of life, maybe you should have thought about that before you destroyed these peoples lives. You cannot raise a young dog, kick him as hard as you can once a day, tarnish his environment, and expect him to be happy and loyal as an adult. He will eventually, instinctively, get fed up, and begin to fight back. If your hateful ways continue, you are going to get bitten.

    And you have no-one to blame….. except yourself.

    …..We now return you to your regularly scheduled “I hate black people” program.

  37. To the black south African planning to study in Denmark. I studied studied there 1 year ago, I am an Angolan. I must strongly advice you to keep away from this small racist nation.

  38. What a bunch of BULL SHIT!!!!!!! I’m so furious with this. I’m Danish and I can not agree with anything that you’ve said thus far. That we’re a racist nation??? I don’t know open and loving people like I know Danes. There’s so much different culture here just by talking different districts of the capital, Copenhagen. I think it’s beautiful to see that cultures are allowed and they have people’s INTEREST. Don’t generalize. Please. Racists are to find everywhere… SADLY, YES, but do not project that Denmark is a racist nation, I will not have that. Like, do you have some type of group of people that was Danes, that was ignorant? Yeah, that’s sadly a common flaw to find in HUMANS. I’m proud of Denmark, assholes can be found everywhere in the world. Don’t egg each other on or the fact of racism. I understand if it is still difficult for a black man/mixed, to live in communities because racism is sadly still a topic. But please don’t but a stamp on a COUNTRY. On PEOPLE. If you’ve met a count of motherfuckers that needs love in their life. That was all. Black/Brown people are appreciated in Denmark like everybody else. End of story. Whomever says otherwise has a PROBLEM…That’s the difference. ONE LOVE

  39. I was watching CNN today and saw how Happy everyone appeared to be. I decided to see if any Black people lived in Denmark.
    I agree with you. Life is what we make it.
    There are all kinds of people in the world. I’ve learned to ‘live and let live’

  40. ChuckAustin said:

    This contributor wonders what the commentators or visitors here, or indeed the fantastic principal involved in this interesting and long-running blog, would make of relations between the indigenous White hosts and the counterparts of the objects here as to what the latter are up against – as to realities on the ground in Denmark, not just from the perspective of the blogger – in, say, the Netherlands, another beautiful Northern European country that on many fronts is in the same league with Denmark.
    The Netherlands itself cannot be called an immigration country, but, starting out from becoming a heaven for refugees way back when, it has up into our time (when things have soured) become home to a sizable population of immigrants most of whom have become naturalized Dutch citizens – down to the third generation already – in a nation famous for its liberal, tolerant, integrational, progressive traits, and all that.
    Well, the relevant issue here is the spectre of discrimination, and limited opportunities a Black person in a Whiteman’s country may be up against. Hence this contributor’s curiosity. A firsthand veritable witness, who started out as an asylum seeker from West Africa, of over 14 years in the matter of the Dutch approach towards those who comprise about or even over 10% of the country’s well over 16 million inhabitants as being of Western origins and another 10% who are of non-Western roots, in which Blacks are sizably represented. The emphasis here then becomes: being Black in the Netherlands/Holland.
    ‘Experiencing the Realities of Europe: The Netherlands, No Immigration Country’ is an eBook, ASIN: B00R7RU0S6, by Chukwudi Austin Anene, available on Amazon, and it comes in quite useful particularly with regards to the gist of the principal subject matter here.
    It can provide you with an authentic picture on a number of facets surrounding comparable realities prevalent on the ground in yet another non-English speaking country, say, from the perspective of an entity like the amiable Mrembo.

  41. Hi Mrembo. i saw a PhD opportunity in Denmark online which i got interested in so i decided to check out the level of racism in the country before i start up the application process. i just can’t believe racism is still as dominant as most comments have suggested. caught between two minds right now. all the best. take care.

  42. How did you come to be in Denmark? is there no possibility of relocating?

  43. How did you come to be in Denmark? is there no possibility of relocating?

  44. Hi, I am a Black woman and I plan on visiting Denmark from the U.S. in summer 2015. Your post is very helpful. Seems like Denmark is just like every other country, including the U.S. when it comes to racism. I was just wondering how I will be received when I visit and I have gathered that as long as I am a visitor, I should be fine. I do not plan on moving to a country with less minorities than where I’m from because I have enough to deal with here as a Black woman. I am sure that living in Denmark has many challenges for educated Black people but that is everywhere! Nevertheless, I am looking forward to visiting Denmark. Thanks, again.

    • Victor Bennett said:

      Hally, you will be recieved with alot more respect than many of the stories you witness on this page generally, and in many ways you may be helpful to the society, but also if you plan on living here that is when many of the issues sink in. But still as a Black American you will still be received pretty well in comparison to many!

    • Denmark is fine. Come and visit. I’ve lived here for 25 years now. I’m a black Brit of Caribbean parentage ☺

  45. Fuck danes

  46. Yes, I believe that your postings are helpful, they give great insite from a person that is living there. I just started to date a Denmark gentleman from Fla, I’m a black female and I wanted to know how well they ( the Country) would recieve me,and have you seen any interacial dating or marriages? I would like to take a trip with him over there one day,our friendship grows. He is there now to bury his mother, very sad time for him. But I will be waiting in the state to welcome him home. Thanks

  47. Dear all
    Am dane, well actually half south-european, and its both great and sad to read all the different experiences and attitudes described here.
    I am living in central copenhagen, and I see lots of africans every day, usually accompanied by danes. Both schoolkids and adults.
    Its true we danes prefer to be with people like ourselves, maybe more than in other cultures. Its a part of our DNA, but take a look at how fascinated we are about black music, dance etc. We prefer our intake of foreign cultures to take place in front of TV, or on a beach abroad, its true also. In the young generation, I see lots of mixed couples, and I sure its going to change attitude around our small capitol.
    I am about to take my african girlfriend with kids to Denmark for relocation. I think job and career as very important for integration, and its a thing we work on already.
    I am sure it takes a bit of a open and proactive attitude to make network here as foreigner, as well as a caring partner. We will do our very best.

    • princess said:

      I recently moved to Denmark I haven’t experienced any kind of racism in any way. It’s clear though that the Danes are sad and depressed people compared to Africa where smiles and laughter welcome you to a new society. Apparently I’m made to understand it’s the weather that makes them antisocial and dull

      • Claus Asp said:

        I have often wondered why we are all laughing after a few minutes, when I am together with africans:-) So its the weather.
        There is a big difference in our moods in winter and summer, and in general we might be very self-controlled compared to others.
        I am curious to see, which other diffencies I will find in future.
        After all, we are the only responsible for our own luck and happiness, no matter where and who we are.

  48. Hey guys! Denmark like most of Europe was a real black/moorish nation before the cave dweller came out after the last great world event, look up Saint Maurice. Denmark, 1462,Oh and fyi, There was a reason the used the term “black knights”. Most if not all were moors and apart from that,cultivated some of the greatest civilizations known to man (Rome). As a child
    Eventually people will start to ask the that real burning question, why do we keep putting the black nations down? Theft is the answer. to steal what they do not own. in my family that are called “the unclean one” They moved from the caves and high mountains to live among the sun people. They saw the were happy and had food. Not to mention shiny things such as gold and diamonds. Im sure you know where this stories going. This story has been passed down for a very very long time. and im only gonna share a bit. Not hating in anyway. just understand that the danes of today are of slav/huns from the hills of south Asia. know your blood. Many credited people have wrote on this subject.

  49. I quite liked your post. Honest.

  50. I was just wondering how black people are doing living in other countries where there minority and came across your post. Interesting to know that from Denmark to the US where i am. Its the same for us. #lightbulb

  51. I was thinking of moving to denmark to study but thanks to this article I’ll have to think again and find another country.

  52. Hello I’m not going to specify my race in this comment because it’s 2015 and I believe that at this point in time it’s completely unnecessary. Our cultural histories are important to an extent because they helped us to become the way we are today, but rather than dwelling and putting blame on others for the pitfalls of where each of us has come from we should leave the past the way it was… All we can do is work towards a better future by teaching our children to live without hate or prejudices and give them the opportunity to live a life free of racism and oppression.

  53. Does it really matter which country? Denmark, France, Germany, USA… to be of African ancestry (African, African American, or any MIX) is to be seen as a person of color in the world. We can rant about negativity encountered where you might find your feet planted or we can be who the hell we are, the epitome of greatness globally. Despite odds we still exist and we exist everywhere. More importantly we continue to migrate and populate despite the odds, leaving our footprints for historical encounter. Lets change the conversation to what makes us great and why we refuse to disappear. We live, we laugh, we create and by our continued existence we conquer. Let us celebrate our visibility, we exist and will continue to do so. — an African American woman “visiting” Paris and loving my blackness.

    • Hi all, I have read all these comments. South Africa is a truly beautiful country. I have researched other countries to see where would I like to go on a working holiday if at all possible, and have realised how lucky I am to be part of this beautiful country. Well written CafeFTP. In life you are responsible for what you say and do, but cannot know what another person will say or do. Work hard, play hard and hold your head high. Know your own self-worth. What you allow to happen to you is what is important. I came, I saw, I contributed rather than conquered. Choose a happy life. Stay safe wherever you are. We are indeed all over. Viola Davis said it….. the difference is only… the opportunity. So grab yours (opportunity) for it is not always going to be given to you. Conquer if you must but enjoy most of all.

  54. After reading this blog I find it interesting that the U.S. Democratic Party is the party most blacks vote for here in the U.S. Yet recently one of their candidates said they wanted to make the U.S. More like Denmark. I wonder if blacks pick up on this and why they would continue to vote for democrats? I wanted to see if blacks had it better in Denmark than America and that’s how I found this blog, but it does not seem they do so why would blacks vote for a party that wants to make America more like Denmark or Europe. Just curios?

    • I might not be the right person to answer the question from Jessica Dufour, but the the welfare system we have here is for everyone with a CPR-number, being white or black. I know a few black people here and several other immigrants, being well integrated and having many danish friends. I can not see any reason why black people would not be able to have a good life here and be a part of society. At the moment our government tries to keep out refugees, just like US, and so thousands of citizens here have formed comittees helping refugees where our government wont. This has surprized everyone, and actually shows danes as being more empathetic than their own government.

  55. CiCi Hunter said:

    Wow these are interesting comments here. I am African American and up for consideration with a Danish based company. I searched this topic just out of curiosity to see if I had to travel there for any length of time (likely several months) how I would be treated and received. It looks to be a mixed bag of sorts, and indeed outside of Copenhagen it appears that I may have more difficulties than within the city. I know that the job would require time in a much smaller town, so it makes me a bit anxious or hesitant. I don’t think it would keep me from accepting the job, but it certainly puts me on alert that I may have to deal with some things and attitudes while there. And normally here in the US it is extremely rare that I encounter anything I’d consider racist and certainly nothing blatant.

    • Dear Cici Hunter and anyone
      I dont think you will face any trouble. Having a job will build the social relations you will need, and danes are not more racist than anyone else on the planet. We tend to stick with those who are like ourselves, and those who are in same social positions or companies.
      Your experience here depends mainly on your own attitude, like everywhere else.
      Good luck

  56. Maybe you should leave the country and go back to a majority brown country if you hate it so much.

  57. Let me say that you should not let the small minded racists who feel compelled to present their hate-filled views here lead you to delete this blog. Dialogue even with the most ignorant in out global society is valuable even if it helps you to gain an understanding and acknowledgement of those among us who lack simple human decency. This is a great vehicle for a much needed discussion.

    I have researched life for nonwhites in Denmark and despite the oft presented fairy tale of kindness within your societies, I have only found hate and hostility towards those who are not like you. As a result, I removed myself from consideration for a career opportunity there because I have no intentions of hopping into a time machine to subject my wife and children to experience the hate, hostility and outright ignorance that seems to come quite naturally to so many in polite Danish society. Unfortunately, the incredible ignorance which is deeply embedded in Danish culture cuts deeper than racism and serves as daily validation of your national ignorance of how to maintain human relations built on mutual trust, respect and human decency. I believe that there is something to be learned from everyone you encounter.

    For an allegedly intelligent realistic person (Chris) to think that his use of a racial slur does not make him a racist but a realist is a joke. I wish you no harm in your future however I do hope that any nonwhite person who comes upon you in a moment of need or distress leaves you whatever you fate may be. Clearly as you have displayed traits that make you expendable in a new world where we need people willing to recharge out to others of different beliefs, colors and perspectives to solve our shared problems. People like you illustrate why I believe that as an American we should leave many of you to suffer your own fate and simply look after and protect ourselves.

  58. Cry more, die more.

    Would you yourself gain respect for a person whining about not being good enough?

    Start your own business instead and prove your skins worth as you are clearly obsessed about colour yourself.

    Make Denmark want you!

    And i believe it can be boiled down to relationship rules as you have to win over personalities.

    If you are looking to date a man, which kind are you attracted to?

    – A sad looking, whining man crying about feeling like a fish on land?
    – A positive, adaptive, strong-minded fighter, who can make things happen and naturally sees boundaries as objects that has to be reformed, broken or altered.

    Listen carefully “Cry More, Die More”

    To me it looks like you are channeling a lot of energy into negativeness and i truly wish for you to make a 180 degree turn as it reeks of loser.

    I only have respect for losers that are able to elevate themselves up to eventually be a winner.

    Are you going to be a loser who is whining all your life?

    Another thing:
    Which animal do you like the most?
    A mosquito?
    Or a Tiger?

    It is what YOU Choose to do all life people judge you upon.
    If you are a bloodsucker, expect to become bashed on a daily basis.
    If you are strong and mighty, expect people to respect you.

    And in case you rely on a religion to exist, then you are not a person, then you are a religion. Dont be a pussy hiding behind mohammads legs or jesus legs. Stand on your own legs.

  59. You’re going to burn in hell you rascist biggot.

  60. Hey, Tammy…Obama isn’t black. He’s half black. The other half, oh, my, is white. So, he’s bi-racial, not black.

  61. Maxx Wright said:

    Thank you for your experience, NOservices and ensight. I’ll look to definitely ponder escaping the USA.

  62. Just happened upon your blog. Please keep writing it as I learned a lot from it. I live in the United States and have always wondered what it would be like living in another country as a black person. Great insight and I look forward to your continued post.

  63. I found your blog looking for info on being black in Denmark. I see the struggle is real. It’s very simple why white humans fear black/brown seed as a whole; we out number them, and to add insult to injury our seed changes them in to us. The whole zombie (nigger=dead man) walking and turning others into them is based on our seed converting the demographics and making the pure white race an endangered species. The only way to change this is to change the way they identify them selves as humans and not as a race. So I urge you to not identify yourself not as black for that is an inherited threat. But instead say you are not black but you are an earthling ie human. The more you repeat this the more it will catch on like everything we do they copy ” monkey see monkey do” as they have done in music, religion etc. And understand that through you there DNA will be revelant that there culture and important contribution good and bad will be celebrated and not forgotten. Soon with in the next 20 generation pure white as a race will be no more. But will live on in womb of a Black woman. For no matter how many of the people of the brown seed you kill sterilize “put in ovens” all of this may slow the inevitable but will not stop it. WE DONT DIE WE MULTIPLE.

  64. Stacey Walls Senat said:

    I’very got news for you. Being black is hard no matter where you go. I’m American and my children, husband and I still face racism. In schools and at work.

    Have you seen our version of Adolf Hitler? Donald Trump?

    Whites are always threatened by intellectual black people. In America, it used to be illegal for blacks to read and right. Punishable by death.

    So I wish you the best but the world is a horrible place for black people.

  65. >The news especially print media is filled will endless stories of “foreigners” doing one thing or the other and 99% is negative.
    It’s not only US. I’m from an Asian country and the media here always
    tries to portray foreigners (including white, black or other asian countries) in a negative light. Every time I try to point out this fact, they call me traitors or tell me if I don’t like it here I better emigrate to another country. The internet is always full of these comments, really.
    Interestingly, these people acknowledge descrimination problems in other countries and say “America is a terrible country with a lot of racists! They don’t know what human rights are. ” and so on but when it comes to our own problems, they say it’s the fault of foreigners. And because of conformity culture, no one would stand up and speak up unlike the US. In the sense that you have some right minded people fighting against descrimination and injustice against foreigners and that liberals are growing bigger, I feel America still has more hopes.

  66. dvndf,vdf,v said:

    go back to africa you nigger!!!

  67. I just happened upon this and enjoyed reading it.

  68. Hi

    I really enjoyed reading your blog it was honest and real! I too have moved to a country not black friendly (Ireland) which has been a shock to the system to say the least as I was born and raised in London. Believe it or not London is Utopia compared to other European countries which are racist. At least you get black professionals. Gosh we even elected our first Muslim Asian Mayor. Now that’s progress !

    I think ignore what the negative people say you are just sharing your truth. I have been in Ireland for 6 months now and have struggled to get professional jobs despite my education Degree and work experience. The vibe being that I am black and then combine that with being a female haha. I have had to settle for blue collar work. But I have said I will give this place a real chance and if I don’t make any progress. I will tap my feet together and say “there is no place like home. ” At least I tried.

  69. Wow just read all the comments. Alot of ignorance. Yes it’s hard to be black but it’s not hard to be black where ever you go in the world Haha. People need to travel more. Being black in Bermuda is amazing , being black in Jamaica ain’t too shabby being black in different countries in Africa feels GREAT !

    However, like I said before its YOUR truth ! To be honest I will not moan about England again after this experience living elsewhere. England is definitely progressive. Still a long way to go but better than most European countries. France is ok they have a black female candidate going up for PM , I think.

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